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Marguerite Manning

THERAPY FOR THE SOUL with Marguerite Manning


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Wouldn’t life be a lot more fun if you could discover just what your soul “signed you up for” this time around? At the very least, wouldn’t it be a little easier? Marguerite Manning, Llewellyn's best-selling author thinks it would and invites you to tune into her new astrological program designed to do just that. By focusing on a different karmic aspect of the birth chart each week and teaching you how to apply it, “Therapy For The Soul“ is more than just the broadcast that helps you access your brilliance today by taking you beyond the shadows of yesterday. It’s a spirited ride through the natal sky you won’t want to miss. So don’t. Just tune in every other Wednesday and become part of the spiritual discussion, the astrological insight and the welcoming chatroom. In fact, if you and your soul are up to it, call in and let Marguerite’s deep passion for the science that validates our immortal spirit demonstrate how the day's karmic topic applies to you. See for yourself what this karmic stargazer has down to a science.

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Isn’t it time you learned just where your soul‘s deepest wound occurred in your past life? Especially when you’re the one who‘s forced to deal with the pain in this one? Well then, just tune in and discover where your soul’s crippling... more

Astrologically speaking, do you know what makes you tick? I mean really, do you know what single birth energy, all by itself, can get you to stand up and be counted all by yourself? You should. Wouldn’t it be useful to know just why... more

Did you know that Pluto's placement in the natal chart reveals where you now have the powerful ability to actually transform others in this life? It does, but only because its presence in the natal sky reflects where your soul promised the... more

And NOW your cosmic solution! That’s because while you may be aware that your soul’s painful fears from the past are probably the very same obstacles keeping you from living up to your future, Marguerite believes that you should know just... more

Don’t let the mysterious rings and the turtle-like pace fool you, there’s a reason Saturn was named the “Taskmaster of the Universe“. What’s more your life down here on planet earth will be a whole lot easier once you understand it:... more

Astrologically speaking, did you know that Neptune's placement in your natal sky reflects your soul's longing to become its glorious best? Which is exactly why karmically speaking, its placement in your natal chart reveals the particular... more

Now that you've discovered which constellation was given the key to YOUR 12th House Karmic Closet, wouldn't you like to know why? Or perhaps what you have to do in this life to get it back? Well then, why not tune in on June 16th and... more

Isn’t it time you “cleaned out” the 12th House of your natal chart? Or at the very least, explored it? As the astrological home of the soul and the most misunderstood part of the birth chart, the 12th house is often referred to as the... more

Are you aware there's a second half to the solar clause in your soul's "Contract with the Universe"? If the answer is no then this episode is NOT to be missed. That's because while it's good to know your natal Sun's power is always... more

Did you know the ancient astronomers believed your birth chart was a Universal birth map of your soul's chosen energies for this lifetime? Tune in and learn how to use your horoscope as they did and discover the most empowering... more
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