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Marcy Ann

Reflections & Celebrations


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Hello! I am Marcy Ann and I am an untraditionally-ordained minister who has found the unified field between science and religion. I did weddings at the beach for 20 years in Orange County, CA. I have written a book about what I have observed over the years about love and marriage and weddings and you can download it for free at www.MrRightforme.com. I have a wedding minister school that will offer you the opportunity to be in business for yourself and be your own boss providing birth, death and marriage celebrations for the general public. www.weddingofficiantschool.com. On my show, I messages from the angel realms. I have asked Why? my whole life. Some of my answers will amuse you and some will confuse you, some will challenge you and some reflections will just be Marcy Ann's own personal Truth with a capital T. All shows are archived for listening at any time, on your computer or android phone.

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If you have been alone and you would like to have a relationship - and, you've got your kids raised and they are now on their own, have you considered that once the kids are gone, you can consider a relationship that perhaps doesn't fit... more

What do we do when we just can't seem to see the future? Even the psychics are saying it's all kinda foggy! I recently went whale watching off the coast of Southern California - and what I saw was FOG! So, on this 3-hour tour, in the fog, I... more

Today, I am sharing the stories of 2 Elopements I did recently. During the 20 years I did weddings, Elopements have always been the most dramatic energy between the bride and the groom because there are no distractions - it is just... more

When I first started my radio show back in 2012, I was 15 lbs. overweight. And as I did my show every week, I lost weight! It was like I was pregnant with things I needed to say -- and as I said them, I lost weight. I've been doing my show now... more

It's time for everyone to deal with their negative emotions - the movie Inside Out prepared us for The Force Awakening. It's time that The Force - the Light - searches out and eliminates all negative emotions which are in any of the cells... more

I had no idea that this discovery was already made and was going to be available so soon. You must be alerted. THIS WILL GIVE CANCER TO EVERYONE.

Are the "un-named money brokers" going to control this election or are you going to?

Today I am running a show I did last year that was the 3rd in a 3--part series about Prayer that Works Everytime. In the first part, I discuss two types of prayers that work everytime and in the second part, I discuss HOW God... more

At this time of the beginning of the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, we are being challenged at the very core of our fundamental values in this Country? What are we going to do about ISIS? My answer is pretty simple.

Now it is confirmed that the shooting in San Bernadino is a for-sure, for-sure terrorist attack. Right smack dab in our faces. Right in our own back yard. A terrorist attack by a fellow co-worker, an American citizen, who is married to a... more
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