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Marcy Ann

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Hello! I am Marcy Ann and I am an untraditionally-ordained minister who has found the unified field between science and religion. I did weddings at the beach for 20 years in Orange County, CA. I have written a book about what I have observed over the years about love and marriage and weddings and you can download it for free at www.MrRightforme.com. I have a wedding minister school that will offer you the opportunity to be in business for yourself and be your own boss providing birth, death and marriage celebrations for the general public. www.weddingofficiantschool.com. On my show, I messages from the angel realms. I have asked Why? my whole life. Some of my answers will amuse you and some will confuse you, some will challenge you and some reflections will just be Marcy Ann's own personal Truth with a capital T. All shows are archived for listening at any time, on your computer or android phone.

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Even the Bible definition of love is more about what love isn't than what love is. As a person who marries people, I say that definition of love almost every week during my wedding ceremony for my couples. And of course there is that... more

The headline I saw this week that caught my eye was: Ordinary rock holds shocking surprise inside!!

Did you know that the Supreme Court has made mistakes? Perhaps "mistake" is too strong of a word - let's say the Supreme Court has reflected cultural bias in the past and it has had to correct itself in the past. Case in point: Dredd... more

Every now and then, I just have to talk to Christians. It is sad to say that Christians are keeping the earth from having peace. And I am an advocate for peace, so every now and then, I have to take the Christians to task about what... more

Today, I want to share some recent experiences of healing with tuning forks. I am a Board Certified Tuning Fork Practitioner but I haven't been active until recently when I got a request from two different people do help them. The results have... more

We are 56 years past the de-segregation that took place in Indianapolis Indiana that I lived through. I am going to reflect on where we've been and where we are and where we need to go.

Since Bruce Jenner transitioned to Caitlyn Marie Jenner, a lot has happened in his/her life. The most recent was "taking a pee" at one of Donald Trump's hotels in the ladies room. I believe that the dual soul known as Bruce and... more

This is my birthday week - and when I was born, my mother named me Marcy Ann. I am Marcy Ann. And today I am re-playing a show I did 2 years ago about my name. Our name is a key code: it unlocks the energy of who we are. Our... more

I had a mini family reunion this past week in St. Louis. My show today discusses some ways to get along in the family!

I would like to draw attention to a national - perhaps global - problem that no one is talking about. No one has any answers., No one is addressing this issue - and it's not just sex - it is the male biological sexual urge - this is beyond just... more
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