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Marcy Ann

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Hello! I am Marcy Ann and I am an untraditionally-ordained minister who has found the unified field between science and religion. I did weddings at the beach for 20 years in Orange County, CA. I have written a book about what I have observed over the years about love and marriage and weddings and you can download it for free at www.MrRightforme.com. I have a wedding minister school that will offer you the opportunity to be in business for yourself and be your own boss providing birth, death and marriage celebrations for the general public. www.weddingofficiantschool.com. On my show, I messages from the angel realms. I have asked Why? my whole life. Some of my answers will amuse you and some will confuse you, some will challenge you and some reflections will just be Marcy Ann's own personal Truth with a capital T. All shows are archived for listening at any time, on your computer or android phone.

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It is time for the children of God to find out that there isn't a Santa Claus. It's ok to believe in Santa Claus when you are a child, but we are encouraged in the Bible to grow up into the measure of the stature of the fullness of the Christ. Grow... more

I recently met a gentleman who gave me his card: it said --- Sam Smith, Ambasswador At Large! He was a black man (actually a really nice warm brown) from Belise(not an African culture, as Belise is British) who has been in this... more

Lunch today is a dialogue with a real Guardian of the Galaxy! Yes, it is time to find out who we really are and why we are here! Actually, we start out as the Guardian of ourself, and then we can enter into our training as a Guardian of... more

Linda returns today with an update about her brother's stage 4 cancer and the cure he is pursuing. And we will keep on discussing how her QX MACHINE can read all of the systems of our body and tell us what is going on -... more

www.marcyann.com Today, I am going to facilitate the releasing of a group of souls who perished on The Titanic - just exactly 105 years ago in April `1912 - who have been sequestered in a time warp. The sudden traumatic event... more

My guest today talks to the animals! You will enjoy hearing what the animals are telling her. I took care of my granddaughter's dog for one week while she was on vacation. And I was amazed. The dog's name was Dori -- and she could tell... more

My guest at lunch today is a realtor who specializes in properties in an 18,000 resident retirement community. He's heard all the stories - as people consider down-sizing, or retiring and moving to a warmer climate, a woman;s husband... more

Today at lunch Linda and I discuss our relationship with our body. And we still talk about symptoms - what are they - and what is the body doing when it is producing symptoms. So many times, alergies are just the body telling you something. I... more

First of all, I will tell you my story about the IRS and then we will have Mr. X on and he will tell his story. I don't know how many people don't file their taxes, but I do know that attorney's advertise on the radio and TV that they will help... more

Today my delightful guest is IRIS - from Seattle. She lives across the lake from Bill Gates. Iris was a professional ballet dancer and still today, at 83 years young, she offers a dance class at her local senior center. As a Jewish practising... more
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