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The Dean 1971

Sex,Dating & innergame (21st Century Advice for Men)


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So, you think you got game? Let’s just take a look and see exactly what it is you do have. Before, you were one of those guys who hardly ever, maybe even never, had any success with the women. Right? So, you started buying into self-help programs, reading various books on dating, and taking tons of advice from the experts. You’ve invested a great deal of time and money (in most cases) into learning the fine art of picking up women. You’ve pretty much learned what to say, how to say it, what to wear, and how to approach. You have a whole new swagger about yourself, and the outside world better brace itself. Today is the day. You go out and put your newfound knowledge to the test. You apply all the techniques, you supposedly say the right things, and you flaunt the new and improved you to the whole world. Once the smoke clears and all is said and done, you evaluate the night and realize that this time, things were a little different from the norm. This time you got slapped down with the left hand instead of the right, as you drive home alone once again. But hey, tonight wasn’t a total waste. A few of the women actually let you pay for their drinks before they eventually rejected you. That IS some form of progress…RIGHT? The mistake that a lot of guys are making that the so-called experts fail to teach you is you’re not getting yourself together first. You need to shift your mentality toward improving your personal standings before you attempt to go on the prowl. The thing that attracts women most to a man, other than his looks, are confidence and stability. No, it doesn’t mean he has to flaunt his money or possessions, but if she sees that he’s standing on his own two feet, and his affairs are in order, she’ll have some degree of interest in him. Women are attracted to a man who can handle his business, on any level. This is where we’re going to pick up the slack for you. We’re going to teach you the lessons that the experts missed.

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some say its hard to do, after this show youll understand why its not as hard as you think.