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Skip La Cour

MANformation Mindset and Leadership Strategies For Older Men With Busy, Producti


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If you're a man who is a little older with a busy, productive life and want even more in life, you'll LOVE the MANformation podcast. If you want to use your willpower, focus, energy, and time more effectively to get even more done, the MANformation podcast will get your mind right. If you're a leader who has a lot of people depending on you for mental, emotional, and strategic strength at all times, this is your time to listen to another man who proudly carries that same responsibility.

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Do you have a burning desire inside to be great in life? I mean, you want to stand out above the crowd. You want to really stand out. You want to be far better than most even though you're doing pretty well right now? GET FREE INSTANT... more

The more people who recognize and appreciate the value we provide, the more win-win situations we can create with them. Tony Robbins says, "The quality of our life is the quality of our relationships." We all know this at some level. But... more

Anybody can be strong and confident when times are going well. Even when times aren't going well, it's easy to stay calm if you don't have a lot riding on the outcome. It's just not that big of a deal to you. The challenge is staying calm... more

You're committed to reaching your goals. Well, you're intellectually committed. Physically, you're tired. You know that you have to dig deep inside and keep going. You know that you just have to suck it up just get things done. It seems... more

You have the imagination and crystal clear vision. You're willing to do the work. Or, at least you feel that you're willing to do the work. You just can't get the job done on a consistent basis. You want to know how to stick to your goals. In... more

Is it a challenge for you to get your training back on track because you have so many important things going on in your busy, productive life? You're certainly not alone. In today's Morning Connection, I talk about how to get your training back... more

Do you want more in life but you can't get motivated? Maybe you've accomplished a lot in the past but don't have that "edge" you once had. You didn't stay hungry. In today's Morning Connection, I talk about how to stay hungry, mental and... more

Do you have habits or rituals that you do every morning that get you off to a great start? Should you? Should you be more consistent with them? Maybe you have them but just aren't conscious of them? There is power in morning rituals (if you... more

Take advantage of my Morning Connection MANformation Course Special Offer. Get the MANformation course and one-on-one coaching time with me in this amazing offer. Go here now to learn more and to enroll. Go here to sign up for... more