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Learn to use magnets, crystals, pyramids with sacred words of power for healing and transformation. Personal healing requests are welcome. Bring crystals.

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This will be an interesting show featuring Master Kilindi Iyi. He will share with us how he'z being guided to create a master crystal transmitter to radiate multiple programs throughout the planet through combining Tesla technology with a... more

The first hour will feature two amazing nutrititional and health advocates, Curtis Cost and Dr. Phil Valentine. Curtis Cost in a world renowned author and lecturer. His message is the dangers of vaccines and the unaccountability of the... more

Tonight's show will be an epic revelation into the intimate connection between spirituality and psychedelic states. Two world famous authors, lecturers, workshop facilitators, and world travelers, Cheikh Sufi and Dr. Gerry. The first hour will... more

The Nat Turner Library was founded by Elder H. Khalif Khalifah along with his late wife Sister Reda. Elder Khalifah is known as the 'Father of Independent Black Publishing' as he published Black authors in the 70s and 80s when no other... more

Tonights show will be featuring two renowned guests, Lester Loving and Ras Ben. Lester Loving has been researching various orgone and ancient egyptian technologies, ranging from noted historic scholars, such as Dr. Wilhelm Reich,... more

In the first hour Bro. Duli-Massage therapist, facilitator of entheogenic meditations, wholistic health advocate, psychedelic explorer, student of chi kung and martial arts. He will share his life experiences and the latest discoveries leading to... more

Vaccines Are Dangerous http://www.vaccinesaredangerous.com/ My name is Curtis Cost and I am the author of the book: Vaccines Are Dangerous – A Warning to the Global Community. My book provides the medical facts, statistics... more

Yvonne Miller-Secreto Registered nurse, author, entrepreneur and a founding member of the Health Awareness Education team, a group of professionals, who are creating an Integrative Health program at CCNY, CUNY for the Continuing... more

Yocheved Bat-Imedt RN, HHC & HAP, LMT, HAC has an eclectic array of interests. In addition to being a Vegetarian since 1964,Vegan since 1972, and a Raw Vegan for the past 20 years, She is a Registered Nurse since 1977,... more

Tonights show will address the forgotten mystery and magic of the acacia tree. Buried in every Christian Bible are several references to the acacia tree, known as shittim wood, tree of life, Noah's ark, burning bush of Moses, ark of the... more