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Spiritual Intelligence, Theresa McGarry, "The Clairvoyants Daughter"

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The Clairvoyants Daughter

How do you tell if it’s a monster then?” she asked him, concerned.
He smiled and touched a fingertip to the center of her forehead. “You’ll see something wrong here and you’ll feel it here,” as he touched the finger to her chest above her heart. “You have a special kind of sight, Dyane. You get it from me.”
Dyane was thrilled and smiled up at her father. “I do?”
“Yes,” he said and leaned down closer to whisper, “But it’s a secret. You mustn’t tell
anyone unless you know absolutely that you can trust them.”
It has been fifteen years since her mom and step-dad were killed in a car accident on Riversbridge Road and Dyane saved herself and her injured sister. Fifteen years since she heard a man laugh while her parents died, a man she knew was a monster.
Dyane has hidden her psychic gift, allowing her sister to take the credit for the amazing insights and visions that help people, including local law enforcement when little girls are kidnapped. But the monster of her nightmares has returned and it soon becomes clear that she can no longer hide, not from her talent, not from the monster and not from the hero of her visions, police detective Jefferson Hatch.
The violent storm she knew would come has arrived. Time has run out for all of them because the monster is tired of substitutes for the one he really wants—Dyane.