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Lost Arts Radio with host Richard Sacks - every Sunday night at 9pm EST / 6pm PST (our show with guests). Our Saturday evening show is The Planetary Healing Club at 9pm EST / 6pm PST. Visit our website: for more info.

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Current world events related to the global fake "pandemic" have made life a lot harder for people trying to make a living and carry on normal life activities in most countries of the world. If the trajectory is not reversed by people waking up to this coordinated global assault against humanity, we could all have front row seats to the coming of the new Dark Age planned for us by our global rulers. For us to break through the intricate webs of deception meant to demoralize us, we're going to need a strong spirit and connection to what we love, instead of focusing on our difficulties. Inspirational musician Joey Stuckey ( is a living example of what can be done with a creative, positive attitude in life, even when things get challenging. Joey is an award-winning blind guitarist, songwriter, singer, composer, producer, radio and television personality, music columnist, educator and sound engineer. He is also the official music ambassador for his home town of Macon, Georgia. But Joey didn't just fall into his success. As a baby, he lost his sight and sense of smell, due to a brain tumor. He made the most of his sense of hearing, learned guitar, wrote his own songs and music, and eventually created Shadow Sound Studio, his own recording studio in downtown Macon, Georgia. Now the studio is where Joey develops his music from concept to finished product, and where other musicians come to do their own recording and production work. My thought was, what if we could go see Joey inside his studio, and have him give us a tour on air, including showing us the stages a song goes through in the creation process, kind of like what we did with Dr. Christian, letting us sit in on a patient appointment in his vision clinic. Joey kindly agreed, and we get to go meet him (virtually) in his studio. I hope you will come join me this Sunday.
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