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Live in Science

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  • Special Guest Lane Michel Lane – Living in Challenging Times

    in Environment

    Many of us are feeling additional stress, confustion, depression, anxiety even isolation with how the word is spinning. It is indeed a great time to be alive during these challenging time as life exposes itself all at once. Just when you think, ahh the pressure valve is showing some much needed relief, then... wham! Something else happens to pinch it all off again. 
    Whew. What a rollercoaster! 
    Pandemic   Schools closed   Racial tensions Work at home Elections  Hunger  Sex trafficking  Lane Michel joins us to share how Unified Caring is reaching out to soothe the stress and help us find our center during these troubling times.

  • Enzymes for Industrial Use

    in Science

    Creative Enzymes offers high-quality enzyme products for industrial uses. Supported by our unparalleled expertise in research and production, the products are assured with high purity and stability. Our products include enzymes in different industrial areas, including chemical, agriculture, paper, leather, textile, household, and the most importantly, food.
    Join and learn more about Enzymes for Industrial Use.

  • Enzymes in Food Industry

    in Science

    Enzymes are known to aid food processing in a wide variety of applications, for example manufacturing of cheese, vinegar and wine; leavening of bread; brewing of beer and so on. In these processes enzymes help to save energy and resources, as well as improve the overall efficiency. In many instances, the use of enzymes has been proved to decrease the volumes and toxicity of byproducts and effluents. Creative Enzymes provides a wide range of products including high purity enzymes and custom blends, which can be readily used in food and beverage processes.
    Join to learn more about Enzymes in Food Industry at Creative Enzymes.

  • Enzymes in Chemical Processing

    in Science

    As the sustainable catalyst with high reaction rate, enzymes have attracted more attention beyond chemical catalyst. Nowadays, more and more chemical processes are replaced by enzymes due to the clean and efficient catalytic performance. For example, in chiral synthesis, enzymes have shown extremely high stereo-specificity that is not observed with chemical catalysts, which simplifies the overall synthesis process. To satisfy the demands in chemical processing, Creative Enzymes offers various enzymes for industrial uses. 
    Join this to learn more about Enzymes in Chemical Processing.

  • God Your Solid Ground: Battle of Addictions.

    in Psychology

    We all struggle with some form of addiction, and those that say they do not are liars. Yes, I said that. We can always think of addictions as drugs or drinking,but there are many more categories. We are not here to judge, but to help people know they are loved by God and others and they can over come their battles with the help of God, the Lord Jesus. " They are Your kids, called by Your name, and set apart for Your motivations. Give them that their chains have been broken. Help them to oppose allurement with the goal that they can grasp Your totality of life. Invigorate them Your to retaliate when they feel overpowered, and place individuals in their lives who will bolster them. Ensure their bodies, hearts, and psyches. Shield them from enticement, and convey them from detestable. In Jesus' Name, Amen." Broadcast in Psychology

  • Enzymes for Coronavirus Nucleic Acid Test

    in Science

    The COVID-19 coronavirus disease is an infectious disease caused by the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2, previously known by the provisional name 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV), is a positive-sense single-stranded RNA virus). Common symptoms include fever, cough, and shortness of breath. Other symptoms may include muscle pain, sputum production, diarrhea, sore throat, loss of smell, and abdominal pain. The World Health Organization (WHO) officially announced the COVID-19 outbreak to be a pandemic on March 11, 2020. It means that the COVID-19 has been a "global pandemic", which is the first pandemic caused by the spread of coronavirus since H1N1 influenza was declared a global pandemic in 2009.
    Early protection, early detection, early diagnosis, and early isolation are the key methods to prevent and control an infectious disease like the COVID-19. The detection of SARS-CoV-2 is very important for patient diagnosis. At present, there are two methods to diagnose, nucleic acid test (NAT) and serological test. As a professional enzyme company, Creative Enzymes has the core technology in enzyme modification and expression. During this pandemic, we provide enzyme products for coronavirus nucleic acid detection to help fight against the disease.

  • Enzymes for Antibody

    in Science

    Nowadays, antibodies have become the most popular studied category for their functions in diseases and drugs. Although the research has been improved step by step from chimeric antibodies to human antibodies, there are still many challenges in the area, such as structure characterization and conjugation. Focused on analysis and modification of peptides and glycans, Creative Enzymes offers high quality enzyme products to support the most advanced research on antibodies.
    Join us to learn more about Enzymes for Antibody at Creative Enzymes.

  • Enzymes for Daily Use

    in Science

    Enzymes have been used in household products to improve the quality of our life. For example, adding to the detergent to enhance the cleaning efficiency. Besides, enzymes are popular for daily personal use, including cosmetic, shampoo, and body care. The protein nature of enzymes determines the gentleness on skins and the environment. In addition, we developed our products for high quality and reliably performance to meet all industrial demands.
    Join this to learn more about Enzymes for Daily Use .

  • Enzymes in Biofuels

    in Science

    Enzymes have great potentials in agriculture, biomass processing, and biofuels production. In fact, some enzymes have already brought more effectiveness while doing less harm to the environment, compared to the more traditional chemical processes. Nowadays, more and more enzymes are used to improve productivity of agriculture, enhance biofuel quality, and enable economic biomass conversion. Creative Enzymes has full range of products for these applications and is open to potential co-development of new products.
    Join this to learn more about Enzymes in Biofuels.

  • How Accelerated Resolution Therapy Can Help Your PTSD with Yolanda Harper LCSW

    in Psychology

    Today's guest Yolanda Harper is a therapist by trade, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker specializing in trauma and post-traumatic growth, and an ART practitioner. Her most meaningful work is to bear witness to people’s stories of struggle, strife, grit, and growth. She is the Co-Founder and Co-Executive Director of Harper Therapy in Lutz, Florida.
    ART or Accelerated Resolution Therapy is an evidence-based psychotherapy that has demonstrated proven results in treating individuals with PTSD. It is an eye movement therapy that is different from traditional talk therapy. You’ll find relief from the memories that play on a loop in your brain and you don’t have to talk in detail about what happened.
    ART allows you to heal from difficult experiences without having to relive them over and over again. It is a fast and highly effective treatment for PTSD, trauma, anxiety, phobias, prolonged grief and other mental health conditions that works quickly; most clients report their symptoms completely fade in one to six ART sessions. 
    Clients follow a trained therapist’s hand movements with their eyes, a form of bilateral stimulation of the brain. The process enables clients to reconsolidate their memories; while they still recall the troubling event, they no longer experience unpleasant physical and emotional symptoms when thinking of it.
    ART clinicians are currently treating their clients, during the pandemic, through telehealth, using a unique set-up in which another person (usually a family member) must be present with the client while the session proceeds. That person assists the clinician and ensures that the client it safe.