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  • Poetrunner

    in Personal Journals

    Alice Elizabeth Rogoff (Elizabeth also because there's another Alice Rogoff) grew up in New Rochelle, New York and moved to San Francisco in 1971. She has a BA in Anthropology from Grinnell College, and MAS in English: Creative Writing and Drama from San Francisco State and a Certificate in Labor Studies from City College, San Francisco. She also was on an Urban Studies program in Chicago and has studied mime and music. She started writing poetry as a child and has been published in many literary magazines including Gyst, Borderlands (Texas Poetry Review) , Pudding magazine, Poetry Pacific as well as community magazines like Street Sheet and Noe Valley Voice. She has four books of poetry, one of which won a Blue Light Book Award. She has received a commission from the San Francisco Arts Commission for a poetry project. She also has had short stories published by Caveat Lector, and Manic D Press and writes songs. She has been co-editor of the Haight Ashbury Literary Journal since 1984 working with many writers over the years, and learning about putting a magazine together. She's given workshops for the Mendocino Environmental Center and for Senior Centers. For a while, she worked for a writers' union. She's married to a former social worker.

  • Ghost Stories with Haunts of Richmond presents Murder House Hauntings

    in Paranormal

    Murder House Hauntings
    It's not unusual to have episodes of violence lead to tales of the paranormal. Tonight we'll explore some of the most infamous murder houses around, and the subsequent stories of the paranormal that have trailed in their wake.

  • Poet Runner

    in Personal Journals

    Mr. Rense is the author four novels: The Last Byline ("One of the top 40 works of  L.A.fiction"---California Writer), a serio-comic fantasy about the decline of newspapers; The Oaks, the story of a boy growing up in a small town in the '60's with a dysfunctional family; and two mysteries about a hapa (mixed Japanese and Caucasian descent) detective in Los Angeles, The Death Sisters, and The Bronzeville Boogie. He has also written two collections of short stories, Strange Places of the Heart, and Cigars, two non-fiction works, Less Than Satisfying Encounters With Humanity, Less Than Satisfying Encounters With Humanity 2, and two collections of poems, Always Not There, and While Monsters. Mr. Rense is currently at work on a sequel to The Oaks, entitled Summers of Love, and a new volume of poems. Mr. Rense originated and produced albums for the great American a cappella group, The Persuasions, including a tribute to Frank Zappa, Frankly A Cappella---The Persuasions Sing Zappa, and one to the Grateful Dead, Persuasions of the Dead (on Zoho.) In 2009, he and Marc Doten produced the definitive live Persuasions album, The Persuasions Live at McCabe's Guitar Shop. Rense also coordinated  The Persuasions' multi-award-winning children's album, On The Good Ship Lollipop. Mr. Rense includes among his ancestors the Rippeys and Shearers of Ireland and England, who helped settle Pennsylvania, fight the Revolutionary War, and run the Underground Railroad, which smuggled slaves out of the South. His father, Art Rense, was a sportswriter and columnist for the original Los Angeles Daily News, and a poet. Mr. Rense enjoys Laurel & Hardy, W.C. Fields, Puccini, and Obon Festival dancing. He is a Jodo Shinshu Buddhist, and is kind to animals.

  • VTG presents John Stephens and The Freaks!!

    in Paranormal

    John Stephens Founder of Virginia Paranormal Events 

  • Paranormal Talk featuring Josh Batchelder

    in Paranormal

    My guest Josh and I will be going down the rabbit hole of a very deep and complex subject of the law of one and synchronicity and the universe and much more! Time in for this series special on Tuesday evenings at 10pm est

  • The Spooky Stuff Radio with Alex Matsuo

    in Paranormal

    Alex Matsuo talks paranormal pop cuture and spooky news for the week.

  • time for joy

    in Paranormal

    live esp!  cal in! (516) 666-8448


    in Travel

    Hear all about "the Biggest Little City in the World" when Ben McDonald talks Reno (Nevada) on TRAVEL ITCH RADIO Thursday, August 18. Listen live at 8p EDT as Dan Schlossberg and co-host Maryellen Nugent Lee ask Ben about the town's mining and railroading history, the advent of gambling, and the competition with downstate Las Vegas. The 471st episode of our 11-year history airs on iTunes and and will be posted on Facebook after airing.

  • The Rift Radio Presents - A.T.U. with E.T and Sasquatch Talk

    in Paranormal

    "Hi, I'm Nikki Jacobs. I'm from Washington state in the Pacific Northwest, on the west coast of the United States.  I'm a psychic & a medium, with 8 clairs, & many more growing. When necessary, I'm a hardcore energy worker, & protector of living humans, of spirits, & of vast other beings. I've done extensive types of psychic energy work. For lack of better phrasing, as I call people like me, I'm a "Psychic Energy Advocate".I've work with vast interdimensional beings, who are either in the physical, like Sasquatch or who are in the ethereal like Angels & other beings. I've experienced the opening of, & fast closing of, portals next to & near me, from vast beings, including from Sasquatch. I've worked with vast types of, what I call, "Hierarchy" beings & "Hierarchy Royalty" beings, Angels, Fae, Librarians of the Akashic Records, & many other beings on the ethereal side. I've also done astral travel, higher consciousness travel & work, including bi/tri/& quin-locate type of work; occasionally, when extremely necessary, I can do higher consciousness travel through wires. I've witnessed, first hand, what true "spiritual warfare" is. I've experienced & battled negative spirits & beings, including what I call "Wanna Be Demons". I've battled dangerous psychics who use their own abilities in detrimental ways against others, & have experienced governmental deep black-ops psy-ops treachery & manipulative actions bc of knowledge I have on a specific subject. I'm also an ET abductee, experiencer, & contactee, including being a participant in an ET Hybridization Program. " (c)NikkiJacobs August 10, 2022
    Call in @ 232-870-3877

  • Comfort Circle-Will Perfect, Janet Lopez & Crystal Starnes. Music industry

    in Podcasting

    Stacii Floyd started doing music when he was eight years old. For years he tried to break into the music industry, seeing no real results. With no real outlet for music in his area. In 2014 he started his own record label called II Productions.Using all the lessons he learned from the previous years. In 2017 he moved to California and joined HNDP. He offers not only his recording engineer knowledge but, the knowledge that he learned from being in the music industry. This includes business plans, organizing events, vocal and musical expertise, and the list goes on. He vowed to himself that he didn’t want the next generation to have to go through as many mistakes as he did. To make sure all kids in Los Angeles have an outlet for information, opportunities, and 101 guidance in their music industry. As he would say “ being a mentor at HNDP is so important because it gives me an opportunity to give back to the community in the industry he loves the most.”
    Host: Will Perfect, Janet Lopez & Crystal Starnes. 

  • Special Guest Jacob Rich - Bigfoot, UFO's and more!

    in Paranormal

    Join me and my guest Jacob Rich in which we will discuss his personal experiences with potential bigfoot, and experiences that have been passed down to him covering various subjects of paranormal subjects!