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  • H2Grow Hair Loss Solutions

    in Business

    Special Guest: Trichologists Patricia Harrell & Jennifer Dupoux
    Hosted by: Debye J, Susie Sandaire & Georgia Smith

  • Interview with Dr Mel Butler

    in Business

    Join us today as we interview living legend Dr Mel Butler and he explains his safe re-entry program and how to cl

  • Positivity

    in Business

    People of a certain age like you and me Prevailing in positivity

  • Closing the Soft Skills Gap

    in Business

    What are soft skills and why do you need them? Join us on Women Lead Radio as Melissa Washington, your host of Women Veterans in Business, has a conversation with Emma Reynolds-Middleton, Founder & CEO of Soft Skills Zone (www.softskillszone.com) where they'll discuss essential skills for career and personal success.
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  • Radio Show #510: Living a More Productive Life in a Progressive Culture

    in Business

    Special Guest: Jane Sparrow: Author and Founder of The Culture Builders and Tuddl
    Jane is a business culture, people and performance expert. Author and thought leader in culture and wellbeing, she provides advice and support to some of the best known brands (and the emerging ones) including OVO Energy, BBC Studios, Costain, Selfridges, HSBC, Rugby Premiership and Salesforce. She’s well known for creating and sustaining high performing teams and cultures.
    Jane is passionate about enabling others to perform at their best to achieve both organisational and personal goals. Her personal vision for Tuddl is that it helps large numbers of people live more productive, healthier and happier lives in cultures that become more progressive.
    Join us as we discuss creating and sustaining high performing teams and cultures.
    Listen Live (Archive Available)
    Host: Jo Dodds

  • Close Up Radio Spotlights Richard Knowles of Richard N. Knowles and Associates

    in Work

    St. Petersburg, FL - Dr. Richard N. Knowles is a top notch highly sought after safety leadership and management consultant who assist organizations in mitigating the risk of workplace violence. Dr. Knowles is the co-founder of Nagele, Knowles & Associates.
    Through Dr. Knowles unique consulting, he works collaboratively with leaders and decision makers by offering them the appropriate and most effective tools, strategies, and skills to better lead organizations encouraging a non- violent, safe work place that truly drive long lasting impact. Dr. Knowles says leaders play a critical role in creating and maintaining a healthy work culture. Leaders need to lead by example in creating a supportive and inclusive environment. Dr. Knowles prepares leaders to improve employee engagement and retention. Because a highly engaged workplace results in employee satisfaction where a sense of community is established and the business and the people thrive.
    Dr. Knowles emphasizes how respect is one of the most important traits in the workplace because it creates a positive work culture, promotes teamwork, productivity, and collaboration.  Treating people with courtesy and kindness should be the standard in any workplace, Examples of respect in the workplace include listening to one another’s opinions and conversing with an open mind so we build nurturing relationships.
    How leaders and workers treat each other by interacting respectfully is critical. Effective leaders model this behavior and set the example resulting in more respect being shown by employees.
    For more information, visit https://www.rnknowlesassociates.com/

  • Part 37: Close Up Radio Welcomes Back Dr. Michael Armour of SLDI

    in Management

    DALLAS, TX -- For decades, Mike Armour (or Doctor Mike, as he is popularly known) has compiled an exceptional leadership record in far-ranging fields of endeavor. He is a multi-dimensional achiever, and it consistently puts him in demand as an executive coach, business advisor and trainer -- focused on management, leadership, cultural transformation and other aspects of enhancing performance at both individual and organizational levels. In the month of October, he will focus on confidence and self-worth including all they mean on personal and, even more significantly, business leadership levels.
    As the month begins, he will raise fine distinctions between confidence and self-worth and also talk about how they are inter-related, using a binary star system as an analogy. Dr. Mike will also discuss the notable benefits of one’s sense of self-worth, particularly when it comes to engaging the trust and cooperation of teams. He will divulge some strategies for improving our self-confidence and later, the feedback loop between confidence and self-worth.
    Dr. Mike established his reputation in professional circles with a remarkable ability to equip leaders across a variety of industries and global locations. He is the author of the noteworthy bestseller Leadership and the Power of Trust.
    Being confident with a keen sense of self is an essential part of savvy leadership according to Dr. Mike. He states  that resilience is also integral. Resilience serves us as both a way to react to changes in the business landscape and to protect our self-worth. He further stresses that being a dynamic and confident leader is not the same as becoming cocky.
    For more information about Michael Armour and his work visit www.michaelarmour.com

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    Norm Blumenthal October Show

    in Entrepreneur

    Norm Blumenthal - an attorney for workers and consumers. Selected as one of the Top Attorneys in Southern California. Norm was inducted and recognized as one of America's Most Trusted Lawyers in Employment Law. 
    ?? Connect with Bert:  YouTube |  Twitter  |  Instagram
    ?? Get a Free Copy of Dominating Your Mind: https://amzn.to/2XuM9Xr - While supplies last, limited time.

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    Calling Out Unconscious Bias in the Workplace

    in Marketing

    Unconscious bias in the workplace must be addressed in the moment. Left unheeded, the detrimental compounding effects not only damage the victim, but perpetuate the problem for others and drastically reduce team productivity and effectiveness. When staff members have the right skills to navigate inevitable workplace bias, it removes tension, builds trust and cohesion, and drives high-performing winning teams. When a staff member falls victim to a bias-related incident, utilizing the simple question, “I don’t understand?” provides a gateway for non-confrontational dialogue. The question isn’t accusatory, aggressive, or petulant, yet it cuts to the core of the problem and unearths the issue at hand. It gives the perpetrator the benefit of the doubt. Simultaneously, the victim asking the question can wield a level of control regardless of the perpetrator’s seniority. Because the line of enquiry is developmental, non-accusatory, dispassionate, and impartial, it allows the unconscious bias infraction to be discussed and resolved collaboratively. Buki Mosaku draws on personal experience, along with situations from clients’ workplaces, to illustrate why his “I Don’t Understand?” method offers an effective solution.
    Tune in to hear Antonio's answers to questions such as:
    You talk of career-stifling unconscious bias in the workplace. Can you explain? Can you explain the multidirectional nature of unconscious workplace bias? You talk of organisations and people in general, needing to unsubscribe from the 'Guilty Perpetrator versus Hapless Victim' Model if they want to effectively navigate bias. Please explain. Why "I don't understand?.."- that's an interesting title for a book. And much, much more!

  • Michelle Vandepas exceptional entrepreneur highly accomplished purpose-driven

    in Marketing

    Michelle Vandepas is a highly accomplished purpose-driven entrepreneur who has achieved multi seven-figure success multiple times in her career. She possesses a wealth of experience and expertise in building purpose and legacy-driven businesses, and her insights would undoubtedly resonate with your audience.
    As a co-founder of a successful publishing company, Michelle has demonstrated her ability to navigate the entrepreneurial landscape and create impactful ventures. Her expertise extends beyond business success, as she also leads retreats and coaches professionals in creating revenue streams while leading purpose-filled lives.
    By featuring Michelle on your podcast, you would have the opportunity to explore various topics, including:
    The power of purpose in entrepreneurship: How aligning personal values and purpose can drive business success and fulfillment. Building legacy-driven businesses: Strategies for creating sustainable ventures that leave a positive and lasting impact. Navigating challenges and achieving financial success: Insights on overcoming obstacles and achieving multi seven-figure success. Publishing industry insights: Unveiling the dynamics of the publishing industry and the potential it holds for aspiring authors and entrepreneurs.Entrepreneur,Coaching,

  • Journey Where Music and Business Intertwine for any Industry

    in Business

    Coffee Twice Talk Radio, hosted by Sherri D. Motes Jones, Co-Founder of Motes Jones and Company, is a must-listen for those seeking a fusion of entertainment and education. With a career marked by her acclaimed talk show, Business Over Coffee International (BOCI), as well as co-hosting stints with iHeart Radio and CBS Radio, Sherri has cemented her status as a radio personality to be reckoned with.
    Coffee Twice Talk Radio sets itself apart by focusing on three key elements: Music, Media, and Management. Sherri infuses each episode with a captivating music vibe, presenting an irresistible blend of heart-thumping beats and soul-stirring melodies. But it doesn’t stop there – Sherri also delves into the behind-the-scenes world of media and management, offering valuable insights into business branding and cutting-edge knowledge that can be incorporated into various aspects of the industry, from artists to spoken word talents and even jingles.
    What sets Coffee Twice Talk Radio apart from the rest is Sherri’s signature touch of authenticity. Her interviews are renowned for their genuine and insightful nature, providing listeners with a personal connection to the guests and their stories. With Coffee Twice Talk Radio, Sherri invites you to join her on a journey where music and business intertwine, leaving you inspired, motivated, and armed with the tools to take your own ventures to the next level.
    Sponsored by Motes Jones & Company:  At Motes Jones & Company we discover, develop, and implement your story, your talents, and your business by exploring the theory of the mind and incorporating our M3 Methodology through music, media, and mangement.