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Intro. This show is about us the people the working class, moms, dads and #military personal (as the wife of a Marine) relating to everyday life giving it to you real in my #murphyslaw virtual studio. Giving free exposure via interviews to entrepreneurs, self-employed, dreamers, hidden talents, small biz owners they don't have to pay for. I also give #IndependentArtist with good clean music an opportunity to have their songs played on this show free.. That's the working class is paying for enough don't you think WE are supporting the rich and the poor. #middlemanentertainment #linajones #diamondnetwork #diamondtalk #diamonddelights #socialmedia #ljdnshow #twitter #facebook #instagram. Check me out

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What up family? I hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far. As far as for me this week has truly been an eye opener, I haven't been at work in about a week, my body is in so much pain due to accident what i was in on the 21 of... more

What's up Diamonds, March is also the month for Saint Patrick's Day, Mardi Gras and I think spring break starts this month too. So March is the month after the holiday season that starts the party all over again until the summer, it is the... more

What's good family? I hope everyone is doing well. With today being the last day of the month of February and still haven't done a show about my culture let's do it today! As I was thinking bout black history and thinking bout how we have the... more

What's up Diamonds, I know it's been a while since I have been live on my show and I am looking forward to going live in reaching out to the #Diamonds once again. Let's see, the last time I did a live show was in November 2018, a lot has... more

Yoooo! What up family! Hahaha, I don't even know where to start! But I hope everyone is having a wonderful week, and it's safe to say the first month of the year new is over! I hope everyone yr is going to plan the way you wanted it?... more

Yoooo! What up family! First off I want to say things have just been extra extra busy at work. And I've been trying to plan my days out so that I don't get overwhelmed with everything I have going on!! But I just wanted to switch it up a... more

What up family?? I hope everyone is doing well and sticking to what you set out to do for the new yrs? But this week I am asking a few questions? First I want to ask is your home front on the same page and moving forward to the bigger... more

I am back at it testting ing this mirofopoane againginn kdjflk;ajlkfjlkasdjfl;ak;jdfl ;alkdjf a;lkdjf a;lkjdf... more

What's Up Family, Yoooooooooo! Whats good family? Boy boy boy I am so happy that Christmas is out the way and my life can go back to normal. This past season has truly has been good but long and stressful, it's over. We have new years... more

What up family! I hope everyone is doing well and not letting Christmas stress you out? Since we are only a few days away from the big day, I just wanted to ask "what does that day mean to you?" I understand that we all have different... more