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"Undivided" is a podcast series that focuses on removing the barriers or divisions that society has invented to keep people apart. The series aims to unite people in harmony and unity. This episode will look at society's propensity to view loss in a dark or negative way by flipping that around to find the hope and the light after a loss or traumatic event. The special guest will be Bronson Breaux. Bronson Breaux is a Cajun from Louisiana, and a father of two children. He met his wife of 18 years while studying Psychology at Franciscan University of Steubenville. He is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) with a specialization in Life Purpose Coaching. Bronson utilizes his gifts and talents to support his clients in building up their lives after a significant injury, loss, or tragedy. He draws upon his experience of being a small business owner for 17 years of a large health club and a storage rental facility. Bronson has personal experience in moving forward from a traumatic event when a cycling injury caused him to be bed bound for close to four months. This event changed the trajectory of his life and was the impetus for him to enroll at iPEC to pursue a life coaching certification. He is a father, husband, Life Coach, and cyclist as well as a living testimony to the blessings that come from tragedy. Frank J. Maduri is the Host of Undivided and is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) ELI-MP as well as a writer and journalist. His coaching practice focuses on writing coaching and leadership development for businesses. He also has published a poetry collection and a reflection book, "Reflections on The Passion: A Modern Guide to The Stations of The Cross" available on Amazon. The reflection book donates all proceeds to charity to help perscuted Christians in the Middle East. Please listen in to this compelling episode on June 19th, LIVE at 7 PM Eastern. Thank you.
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