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    Love Isn't Love Until it's Given Away!

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    Happy Valentines Day!  Today is a day that Love is Celebrated all over the World.  I feel Iike it is an awesome time!  Whether it's yourself you have to love or a significant other.  Love is a Beautiful thing. And it is Inclusive No matter the race, gender and anything else.  Everyone deserves it. So let's spread it. And this world will be a better Place!
    ~Pastor J~

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    Live Your Music – Margaux Joy and Guest Tim Driscoll 02/15/17

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    I am happy to have Tim Driscoll as my guest for 02/15/17. Tim Driscoll has had three successful careers: sailing, direct sales, and management consulting. In the direct sales field, Tim achieved an outstanding record with Western Lifetime Housewares, a West Bend Distributor. As a management consultant, Tim has served an impressive roster of clients from small companies to fortune 500 companies such as Blue Cross of California, Johnson & Johnson, and Bank of America. Tim’s love for small businesses led him to specialize in working to maximize their market potential. Tim’s interest in personal growth attracted him to Toastmasters which is an International communication and leadership organization. During his 17 years as a member of Toastmasters, Tim has participated extensively at the Club and District level. He has served as club President twice, VP of Education, Treasurer, Secretary, and Sergeant at Arms.  He has advised ten of the club’s Presidents and mentored many new club members.  His club awarded him a lifetime achievement award for his participation and dedication to the success of Southern Marin Toastmasters. At the district level for Toastmasters International, Tim served as Area C9 Governor, Chairman of 2006 District Conference, Toastmaster Leadership Instructor for 5 years and 2 times a District Conference Presenter, and was awarded District 57 Club President of the Year in 2005. To learn more about Southern Marin Toastmasters 1441, you can visit their website: 1441.toastmastersclubs.org/ or visit the Toastmasters International website to find a club in your area: www.toastmasters.org

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    Turn Right And Go Straight

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    Our program conist of providing a faith based and recovery service program to those that have lost their way thru the use of drugs and alcohol and/or any other substance which has caused them to stumble in life.  However, from case by case studies, we've discovered and found to hold true that the most Powerful recovery tool available for lasting recovery is the power of almighty God!

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    Grown Woman Ish: Mind Your Business

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    This one-of-a-kind teleconference is going to enlighten you on ways to become the women you're meant to be so that you can live a life that you love. We're talking money, men + mindset during these candid conversations. Learn from a panel of ladies who are living in love, balancing careers, kids and crazy aspirations! Each one has taken a unique road that led them to love, but first they had to woman up and get their ish together.
    Monday January 2nd • 8pm EST/7pm CST/5pm PST
    Koereyelle is the creator of The Single Wives Club and Best-Selling Author of WERK101: Get-Your-Life-Together Guide. She's been featured Internationally on dozens of outlets for her empowerment projects and her mission is to create meaningful conversations, support women in their success, and educate them on ways to live their best lives. She's going to share ways that you can shift your mindset to start manifesting everything you really want.

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    Life from a Stars Eye View

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    Sometimes, reading your horoscope is like watching a bad trailer for a great movie.  Although it might be hard to figure out based on reading your horoscope alone, Astrology has so much more to offer than predictions and prophecies.  Astrology is an ancient art form that precedes both Astronomy and Religion.  The beauty of Astrology is that there are a virtually unlimited number of applications.
    On this show, we use Astrology to uplift, inspire and empower fresh thinking about life.  In this first episode, I talk 1 on 1 with a guest about their birth chart, using this chart a framework for discussing the drivers of their evolution, their creative imagination, and their unique individuality.  If you would like to be a guest on the show, please email your birth time, location, and date to thedeepradio@gmail.com and I will get in touch with you personally.

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    Unlocking Destinies from the Courts of Heaven, Robert Henderson

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    No More Delay!
    God is passionate about you fulfilling your purpose! In fact, there are books in Heaven that record your destiny and purpose. Their pages describe the very reason you were placed on the Earth.
    And yet, there is a war against your destiny being fulfilled. Your archenemy, the devil, knows that as you occupy your divine assignment, by default, the powers of darkness are demolished. Heaven comes to Earth as God’s people fulfill their Kingdom callings!
    What does the enemy use most often to delay destinies from being fulfilled? 
    Join Allen & Francine and discover how to legally unlock divine destiny over your life and even, your nation. Bring your appeals before the Courtroom of Heaven!

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    Rich Habits with Tom Corley

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    Tom Corley understands the difference between being rich and poor.  At age 9 his family went from being multi-millionaires to broke in just one night. For five years, Tom studied the daily activities of 233 wealthy people and 128 people living in poverty.  He discovered there is a difference the size of the Grand Canyon between the daily habits of the wealthy and the poor.  During his research he identified over 200 daily activities that separated the “haves” from the “have nots”.  The culmination of his research can be found in his #1 bestselling book, Rich Habits – The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals (www.RichHabits.net).
    Tom is a CPA, CFP and holds a Master’s Degree in Taxation.  He is also President of Cerefice and Company, CPAs, one of the top financial firms in New Jersey.
    Tom has shared his insights on various network and cable T.V. programs, such as CBS Nightly News, Larry Kane’s Voice of Reason, Yahoo Financially Fit T.V. , The Dawn Show and many others. Nationally syndicated radio shows, such as The Dave Ramsey Show, Marketplace Money and WABC have had Tom share his research with their listeners. Tom’s also been featured in numerous print and Internet publications such as Success Magazine, CNN, MSN Money and the Huffington Post.
    Phone Number: 732.382.3800 Ext. 103 Email:  TOM@RICHHABITS.NET

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    How To NOT Be Irritated by Irritating People?

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    Milly tells us how it went when she told her parents she is pregnant. Irritated Allie can't focus on her studies when people in the library are chomping and chewing and chit chatting in the No Talk Zone. And Angie from Austin doesn't know how to answer when people ask her what church she goes to or why she isn't going to church. My answers may surprise you!
    Plain and simple: Once a week I answer your questions on air. My intention is to provide you with the necessary knowledge so you can make informed decisions about your relationships, your health and well-being, your happiness and your spiritual life.  Ask me anything. If I don't have the answer I will bring on a guest who does. 
    Art, creativity, homeschooling, owning & running a  B & B, writing and publishing books, getting back on your feet after divorce and empty-nesting , stress relief . .  and more!  Send your questions to nancy@nancyatnoon.com and maybe yours will be chosen to be answered on air.  If you require immediate assistance, private email consultation service is available. For more info please visit:  Ask Nancy Page
    Visit my website at nancyatnoon.com

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    The Late Late Show

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    Going late tonight to talk NFL week 4, Ebola and other shenanigans of interest in this edition of All Subjects Everything. Of course, this is contingent on if Chris can stay awake long enough to do the show. Stay tuned.

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    Corine La Font is an author, speaker, coach and consultant. She has a passion for Latin dancing, writing and travelling. She is a columnist for the Jamaica Gleaner and an award winning author in the Small business book award (2013, USA). She has been featured on Television Jamaica and a Guest Expert on the Prime Time show, 'The Innovators'. She has been interviewed on Power 106FM and has had numerous online radio interviews. Besides working with authors, Corine is expanding her speaking career to women in toxic relationships helping them to identify subtle mental and emotional abuse that slowly diminishes at a woman's self esteem and self worth and using writing as a therapeutic tool to bounce back, gain closure and start a new and exciting chapter in life!

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    Eliminate Negativity with Gratitude

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    Tune in Monday, January 30, to begin the Week with Gratitude by finding out about several negatives that hinder the creation of an Ultimate Life and how you can eliminate them from your life with gratitude.
    By understanding which elements of our thought processes are negative, we can quickly identify them and redirect our attention to positive elements. During this episode, I will share how negative thoughts and feelings shape our lives and why it is negativity which keeps our ultimate lives suppressed. When one is able to understand the power that they personally and indivudally yield in the creation and development of their own life, the evident power shift from feeling helpless and victimized by one's life circumstances is dramatically altered. To understand and harness this power, one must first be able to identify their current reality as one that is creating or hindering their potential of living an ultimate life.

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