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Bat Schiff Crazy

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A batshit crazy virus is loose in our lands and it is trying to impeach our President for draining the Swamp. The Swamp is pretending to conduct a fair trial by lame Lawfare script-readers in a boring rerun of tired lies trotted out by the globalist intel apparatchiks in our mainstream media now taking place in the upper chamber of senile crazies, some of whom consort with trans-dimensional seat-stealers. Their made-up case is falling apart because they are all batshit crazy, but we still pretend this is a serious deliberation.  

Rudy is dropping truth bombs about the real corruption as Americans armed with guns and truth descended on enemy-occupied Richmond and obliterated the false flag psyop intended to once again cower and disarm those deplorables who cling to guns and religion. Americans may have finally found courage to see the truth. The Deep State Swamp will strike back in this dueling dance of dialectics: WAR DANCE!

Meanwhile the President delivers another nationalist speech in the heart of globalism at Davos, defends innocent life back here at home and sits atop a turbo-charged national economy as he rewrites the rules of international trade.  These Continuous Contrasts will keep playing out in an inverse relationship through this stormy Winter until the climate is changed.

The idiots that killed the Republic and brought us into Empire NEVER expected Trump....he is the Emperor they never wanted.

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