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G7: Club Calamity Clash

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Libertys Thunder

Libertys Thunder


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48 years ago, the US government severed the Fed’s limit on money-creation, made the US dollar dependent on Middle-Eastern oil and began a romance with Communist China. Within 20 years, the engineered demolition of the Soviet Empire, the rise of the Communist European Union and the deindustrialization of our domestic economy gave rise to globalism with neoliberal economics of extraction under the guise of free trade and neoconservative enforcement of neoliberal extraction under the guise of making the world safe for democracy, if by democracy we mean unnecessary wars. The Davos & Bilderberg elite in Brussels, the City of London and lower Manhattan were pleased and employed the Hollywood-Madison Ave Axis to sell this new freedom to the world as America bled out.

Unexpectedly, in 2015, a brash real estate developer descended from his Tower, armed with celebrity, wealth and attitude and the Club trembled. If this stable genius wins, we all hang, they cried and an epic clash ensued ushering in the calamity of collapse for the New World Order. Release the Kraken.

President Trump is delivering safety, wealth and strength to the American people and anyone else around the globe who chooses their people over the amorphous globalist deceit.  What will we do with that victory? Do we choose to amplify our viciousness, or will be aspire to virtue? The clash between barbarism and civilization has begun; we’ll see what happens, but this battle is not a spectator sport; you’re in it. What will you do?

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