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Libertys Thunder

Liberty's Thunder


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Join Rex and Trog for irreverent, relevant and radioactive American Nationalism with a bite! Welcome to Liberty's Thunder! Break the mind control. End the globalist oligarchy. For LIBERTY! American First! Live Sundays at 8:00 pm Eastern Time and whenever the heck we feel like it! Call in number (646) 649-1013.

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We turn to the news to be informed about current events and how they affects us. Of course, smart woke people know that the news is fake so we seek alternate news to get to the facts. The fact is the news isn't designed to inform, it is... more

The Luciferian-Finance-Media complex is the New World Order Antichurch born in the fires of liberalism and foisted on the modern world through the induced reception of living zombies who have died but don't notice that we are undead.... more

Whether you receive your information via network television, cable TV, the Internet, Social Media, hearsay, print, radio or any combination thereof, you are feeding on lies. Discerning truth in a world order of deceit is increasingly more... more

48 years ago, the US government severed the Fed's limit on money-creation, made the US dollar dependent on Middle-Eastern oil and began a romance with Communist China. Within 20 years, the engineered demolition of the Soviet... more

We started with Trump is a racist and we've gone from he won't get the nomination to he won't win and then he won't accept the results of a democratic election; we then moved to collusion, obstruction, impeachment and now we're... more

The opening clip was processing for 24 hours and not ready when we aired at 4PMET on Sunday 7/28/19, but suddenly became available as soon as we finished our broadcast. This is the opening clip and Rex's monlogue from the... more

The fact is that Trump has committed obstruction. He hasn't built the wall, he's building concentration camps, he colluded with the Russians, the neocons have taken over his foreign policy, the deficit is growing, tariffs will ruin the economy... more

The America First movement has changed everything and so many Americans are still not comprehending how much change has already been accomplished and how much more is yet to be revealed. President Trump is getting the job... more

Washington's message to his troops laid bare the stakes. He wrote: ?The fate of unborn millions will now depend, under God, on the courage and conduct of this army…We have, therefore, to resolve to conquer or die.? President... more

American warmonger Donald Trump did not bomb the shit out of Iran nor invade Venezuela but he did ingress aggressively into North Korea by crossing over the DMZ demarcation line to lay his hands on peacemaking dear leader of the... more
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