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I'm Todd Andrew Barnett, the host of Liberty Cap Talk Live with Todd Andrew Barnett & James Landrith, Jr., and so is my wonderful friend and co-host James Landrith, Jr. I'm from Michigan, and he's from Virginia as well. This is the official page of LCTL. We both host a political talk show (a free marketeer talk radio show) for pro-liberty advocates, free marketers, anarcho-capitalists, etc. who want to hear the message of liberty. It's also for those who have never been exposed to the message of liberty. Liberty Cap Talk Live has enjoyed its second and final season on BTR, given that its third season is scheduled to debut on TalkShoe later this year. LCTL has enjoyed focusing more on the philosophy of Liberty and the political current events of the U.S. and the world and less on entertainment and culture. The show however also focuses on society's behavior due to government intervention. On October 16, 2010, LCTL launched its second season here on BTR featuring more new panelists, more guest interviews, and more news articles as well with each episode being two hours in length. The show returned with 27 more episodes that lasted until July 17, with its final episode on BlogTalkRadio. The show has moved to at The first season, which has come to an end, will be available as a set on later this year. I hope everyone enjoys the new 28-episode run, which entails the goal of freeing the listeners from the control of the Republicans and Democrats and the state and fighting them tooth and nail every day, all time, no excuses! Total number of episodes of the show on BlogTalkRadio: 55 episodes (not including specials and all)

On-Demand Episodes

In the forty-sixth episode, Jim, Todd, and their panelists loftian/libertarian activist Michael Eugne Hoskins and agorist and Libertarian Party of California activist Joy Waymire discussed a six-year-old girl being molested by the TSA at an airport... more

In the forty-fifth episode, Todd, Jim, and their panelists voluntaryist and pro-liberty activist Dawn Eckel, PorcTherapy talk show host and occasional FTL host Stephanie Murphy, and pro-liberty activist and commentator Michelle Shinghal... more

In the forty-fourth episode, Todd, Jim, Honorary Panelist/Co-Chair Jay Hailey, and their panelists Lew Rockwell blogger and author Bill Anderson, Libertarian Party of California member and pro-Liberty commentator Jason Gonella, and prominent... more

In the forty-third episode, temporary co-host and libertarian/voluntaryist Jay Hailey and his panelists libertarian attorney and The Libertarian Coalition (Third Party Alliance) co-founder A.J. Arias and anarcho-capitalist/voluntaryist Edgardo... more

In the forty-second episode, Todd and his panelists Libertarian activist, 2010 U.S. Senate candidate vying for the late Democratic Senator Ted Kennedy's seat, and political commentator/pundit Joe Kennedy (L-MA) and libertarian/voluntaryist... more

In this special episode of LCTL, Todd interviewed left-wing market anarchist Liberalaw blogger and author Gary Chartier for 60 minutes on his newly-published book The Conscience of an Anarchist: Why It's Time to Say Good-Bye to the... more

In the forty-first episode, Todd and his panelists law firm administrator, former publisher of The Liberty Voice, and pro-Liberty/Anarchist commentator/pundit Sherry Mann, prominent libertarian sci-fi author and publisher of The Libertarian... more

In the fortieth episode, Todd and his guest panelists Libertarian Party member, pro-Liberty activist, and commentator/pundit Steven R. Linnabury, disenfranchised Libertarian Party member and activist and free marketeer Stephen Meier, and... more

In the thirty-ninth episode, Todd and his guest panelists pro-Liberty activist/pundit Joy Waymire, Libertarian Party activist and pundit D. Frank Robinson, and pro-Liberty pundit and LiberaLaw blogger Gary Chartier discussed Obama calling... more

In this 11-minute and 33-second short special episode, my co-host Jim Landrith gives his condolences to me and my family over the situation involving my late father, although he does mention the situation in Egypt. No guest panelists - just... more
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