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    One Nighter

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    Throwing Shade
    Spilling Tea
    Talking Shit

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    Start a GSA IM Sean and Welcome to my show

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    To help people understand what and why we need one at schools. GSAs are a stutudent ran club that is after school and sometimes at someones house.
    Most schools do not have a GSA

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    "The Urban Wire" Ep 84 EXCLUSIVE Interview with Pastor Keith Howell-McQueen

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    Join us for an exclusive interview by Senica Harris and Michael Snyder with Pastor Keith Howell-McQueen, pastor of Powerhouse Ministries in Indianapolis, IN---a gay affirming church. We will discuss the church's inception as well as the hurdles as well as the accomplishments of this minstry. Also we will discuss some of the obstacles of being an openly gay pastor in a conservative midwest town. The interview will begin 9:15pm to 10pm. We will take questions during the last hour 10:01pm-11pm. Call in number: 646-915-8200 or send us questions on our facebook group page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/44496784124/. Also subscribe to our youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/ucofw. 

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    Gender Journeys with Special Guest Rob Landis

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    Rob Landis is our Special Guest on Gender Journeys today! I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Rob at a function I was speaking at recently and when he started to talk I knew we needed to have him on the show. He's funny. He's honest and He's real...so real that he began documenting his transition on YouTube, almost 4 years ago . Whether you are a family member or ally that wants to learn more or someone who is questioning themselves and their possible choices, these videos are for you. 
    Schedules being what they were we caught up with Rob on Valentines Day....thank you Erin for generously sharing him with us <3 so we come to you pre-recorded today. 
    As usual we didn't really have any questions per se, except Rosemary asked for a little history and that's where it starts and the conversation begins. Come and learn something new with us...and meet the amazing Rob Landis!

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    GAYXYZ - Don't Be So Hard On Yourself

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    Don't Be So Hard On Yourself and HOt TOpics

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    Saturday Night Prayer Hotline

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    Are you sick and need healing or do you want a prayer partner? Rainbow Pearl Ministry will take calls tonight.

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    Intersectionality of Oppression How Black people are Like Racist White People

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    Every since the internet has become popular, alot of us have come to grips with the fact that not only is oppression found inside  of our homes, or families but BEYOND our doorsteps.I don't know about you, but Suddenly I have been seeing meme's and countless post with heterosexual POC accusing LGBT people of having an "agenda"  That I am in no way shape and form apart of. Everyday Heterosexuals are  attacking LGBTQA people with postings concering our sexual expression.
    LGBTQA/(regardless of how they identify) have become the poster board children for oppression by the same group of people who dislike white america for the it's dehumanizing practices just to marginalize those who identify differently from the heteronormative dialog that we have been forced to accept as the only way to be every since we  were assigned a sexuality to us at birth. On this blog talk  we will discuss how black hetetosexual people tend to act superior about sexuality the way racist white people act superior towards black people with skin color. And how heterosexuals can can often be terrorist by implementing heavy Mirco-Aggressions when dealing with people whose individual self expression differs from their own.

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    Hello EVERYONE!!!! Thanks for tuning into another podcast here on girrl talk.Today we will be talking about STALKERS.Ones you experience in social media and ones you experience in real life.Follow us on blog talk!

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    Yusef James joins us talking work discrimination as a Trans Black Man

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    Yusef James of California joins the show to talk about the workplace discrimination he has & continues to face as a Trans Black Man in America. Trans black men often work in spaces that are male dominated & often lack the nuance or policy to affirm black men's needs. Brother Yusef allegedly has faced constant harrassment & daily misgendering at his job among many other things. How do we as trans folk navigate spaces or jobs that discriminate against us?? How do we navigate day to day violence? Brother Yusef has so much to share. Join us?!! We will take calls 347 237 4756 

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    Cuando el enemigo de nuestras almas se enfrente a Nosotros no corras

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    4  Jesús, lleno del Espíritu Santo, volvió del Jordán, y fue llevado por el Espíritu al desierto por cuarenta días, y era tentado por el diablo. Y no comió nada en aquellos días, pasados los cuales, tuvo hambre. 3 Entonces el diablo le dijo: Si eres Hijo de Dios, di a esta piedra que se convierta en pan. 4 Jesús, respondiéndole, dijo: Escrito está: No sólo de pan vivirá el hombre, sino de toda palabra de Dios. 5 Y le llevó el diablo a un alto monte, y le mostró en un momento todos los reinos de la tierra. 6 Y le dijo el diablo: A ti te daré toda esta potestad, y la gloria de ellos; porque a mí me ha sido entregada, y a quien quiero la doy.
    7 Si tú postrado me adorares, todos serán tuyos.
    8 Respondiendo Jesús, le dijo: Vete de mí, Satanás, porque escrito está: Al Señor tu Dios adorarás, y a él solo servirás.
    9 Y le llevó a Jerusalén, y le puso sobre el pináculo del templo, y le dijo: Si eres Hijo de Dios, échate de aquí abajo;
    10 porque escrito está:     A sus ángeles mandará acerca de ti, que te guarden; m
    11 y,     En las manos te sostendrán,     Para que no tropieces con tu pie en piedra. m
    12 Respondiendo Jesús, le dijo: Dicho está: No tentarás al Señor tu Dios.
    13 Y cuando el diablo hubo acabado toda tentación, se apartó de él por un tiempo.
    Jesús principia su ministerio

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    The Aniyahlayshon of Social Network Activism & Solidarity

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    In the age of social networking, information is shared an spread within minutes. The internet and it's plethora of social networking sites is a very useful tool. Many utilize it as an extension to the work they are already doing, while others utilize it as their only voice for various reasons. 
    Within the "social justice" community online there has grown an arrogance, a need to call out others for what they are or are not doing. People who are not of one experience or attacking others who are, for not being "involved enough." People who've gained a few degrees or taken some college courses, look down upon those that are self taught.