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Robert Higgins gives tangible evidence with support of real life statistics on how to manage and progress and have open dialogue on power relationships leverage management and education for African AmericansThe facts at the end of the day are the only thing that matters in the progression of a culture. There will be special guest who help aid and support the direction of where economics should go in communities across America. The broadcast will allow others to chime in to open the minds of others who wish to contribute in the success of black people. There are so many areas if activity that we must control in order for the culture to be successful and it starts with the family dynamic first. Once that is established then we can move towards the social and political areas. The skin color should be put first before anything and the care and protection of our own people should be the covenant of black men and women all over the country.

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This episode we will discuss some trending topics in the world. There has been a controversy over the internet the past week where a man had one child sand he brought his child something to eat and left the other siblings without something to eat. Was he wrong or was he right. Picking the right and wrong male and female can be tough and this will open dialogue about how men and women have made the right and wrong chioces and what we can do to correct generational curses. Men are the leaders but are we ready to lead to the next generation. Roe Vs Wade has everyone in an uproar becausee it was overtunred and what does it mean for feminism and cancel culture future. Call in and speak your opinion because this broadcast will be solution based. We gone talk about Omarion and the versus and why the 2000 eras if R&B is currently corny and wack and why 90's R&B will always remain king.
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