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Lens of Liberty

Lens of Liberty


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Thousands of charities, from international organizations to local churches, raise money through silent-auctions, often featuring gift baskets donated by supporters. Those gift baskets frequently include bottles of wine, beer, or other... more

A couple I know was sitting in their hot tub, in the privacy of their secluded back yard, when suddenly a man with a clipboard came wandering onto their patio, looking around and taking notes. They asked what he was doing, and he... more

A friend, struggling to make ends meet, found that he could rent his spare room by the night, and earn a nice supplemental income. But he also found out there are rules about competing with hotels. Cities from New York to Denver have... more

Many of us share great memories of eating ice cream in the park, one of the great pleasures of summer. But we'll have no more of that in Boulder, Colorado. The city has now banned ice cream as an option for vendors in all the local parks.... more

New York is famous as the ?city that never sleeps,? but be careful what you do after hours. There are 26,000 bars and restaurants in New York City, but if you enjoy live music, singing, or dancing, you could be breaking the law. That's... more

I see protests on TV and sometimes wonder if the demonstrators even understand what they're protesting. Now, a report by the National Association of Scholars, says many university courses aimed at understanding the American... more

On Halloween, thousands of college students attend costume parties, the bizarre attire being part of the fun. But this year they found the ?PC police? in charge on campuses across America. One university said it didn't matter if students... more

A woman in Philadelphia, having an argument with her boyfriend in a restaurant, got so angry she threw a soft drink at him. Then, as she was storming away, she slipped on the wet floor and broke her tailbone. Never mind that the floor was... more

Our Constitution does not guarantee the right to break into someone's house. Yet a burglar in Bristol, Pennsylvania thought he had that right, and a jury agreed! He broke into a home, but got locked in the garage trying to escape. With no... more

A woman in Austin, Texas tripped over a toddler who was running inside a furniture store, and she broke her ankle. She sued the store owners, claiming they had created an unsafe environment for their customers. A jury agreed with her,... more