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    New generation

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    let's tal

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    Hablando de Leyes - TPS Ecuador Espera

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    Abogando Sander Denis, hablando de leyes y status de proteccion temporal

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    this i will tell you is another subject that i know about folks. most likely this show hour 15 min.s  long., i could talk all night. working in a state prison for some 19&1/2 years. Delaware. i know this subject to be interesting to every body., even i am still so wanting my job back. athoe fired because of what i had done and done it because i was an alcoholic. i was still a good officer. but not a dick head. all officers are not the same as in every profession. i also spent time behind bars of which i knew the inmates and still run into on the streets and in the stores today. (714) 888 7448 Skype  /  302-448-0051 cant except text at this time.  E-mail:  KickMyOwnDamAssClub@yahoo.com                                                KickMyOwnDamAssClub@gmail.com                                          KickMyOwnDamAssClub@hotmail.com                                       KickMyOwnDamAssClub@aol.com                                              KickMyOwnDamAssClub.Com    Domain    Web-Site;  Still under Construction.  Michael D.   :-)

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    Campus Conflict Resolution Services

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    While the show does discuss who CCRS is and what we do, it will also discuss different types of conflict and how to deal with conflict, as well as why conflict is important and crucial to society!
    Email us at ccrs@durhamcollege.ca for more info!
    Find us on facebook and twitter:

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    Firearms and the defense of yourself and others when there is an imminent threat

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    The Jackson and Hagen Criminal Law Review is monthly podcast series focusing on the investigation and defense of the accused, here in the State of Texas. Today Rick Hagen presents thoughts and legal analysis regarding the use of force and deadly force in defense of oneself or others. With recent outbreaks of violence and terror, many Texans are concerned about safety and are carrying firearms to protect themselves and others from danger. Rick will talk about the law regarding firearms and what happens when a threat needs to be neutralized.
    Firearms and the defense of yourself and others when there is an imminent threat:
    Texas gun laws generally for carrying and securing the safety of yourself and others; What happens when you feel it necessary to use your gun to neutralize a threat; Police investigations and independent investigations as to exactly what happened; How to be the most aware of your surroundings and judging situations appropriately. Board certified in Criminal Law, Rick Hagen, joined the Jackson and Hagen law firm in 1993, after first working as a briefing attorney on the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals and then serving two years as a felony prosecutor. Rick Hagen started with Jackson and Hagen as a law partner with Hal Jackson, the legendary lawyer, World War II hero and former State Representative from Denton. For over 25 years, Rick Hagen has defended the Constitution and individuals. Rick is an alumni of Austin College and the University of Oklahoma School of Law.
    About us: Jackson and Hagen, in Denton, Texas, is a criminal defense law firm of serving the State of Texas in Criminal Law, Constitutional Law and DWI/DUI defense.

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    The Jeremy Doesn't want to podcast, podcast

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    The Jeremy Doesn't want to podcast, podcast.  Jeremy doesn't want to talk tonight, but we will anyway.  

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    Talking NFL Sports

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    Join me and Scott as we talk the upcoming NFL season

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    TNTBS Attorneys Presents: Attorney Alexz Adams

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    Alexz Adams is choosing to serve one client or family at a time, I help people recover from crippling debt, garnishments, vehicle repossessions, home foreclosures, student loans, usurious car payments, pay day loans, tax debts, domestic support arrears, past due utilities, and a litany of other financial hardships. I pledge to do my best to go the extra mile for my clients—no matter your individual situation.
    Although it is a humbling experience to find yourself in need of my help, don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and call me. www.Portlandbk.com