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Timorous America Obeys

  • Broadcast in Politics Progressive



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Home of the brave? That's how the song goes but now how we live.

Certainly since 9/11, we have largely done as we are told. TSA agents fairly strip and humiliate us per air trip, all without reason or evidence they keep anything safe. Police forces from the tiniest towns load up on military surplus murder machinery way out of proportion to any past or predictable threats. Local cops have swung from serve and protect to badger, bully and brutalize. 

More astonishing even is how many allegedly brace Americans call for or demand obeisance to out-of-control police. Check out the comments in even allegedly left-leaning rags on Darren Wilson and Michael Brown. Most comments are along the line of Brown deserved everything he got (even 12 bullets because he may not have blindly obeyed Wilson immediately.

That's not the America we boomers grew up in or the one our parents fought World War II to save. 

Let's talk about what has happened to our nation that has led us to blindly submit to irrational and out-of-control authority figures. Are we at a point where most of us would cede our Bill of Rights so we don't have to make decisions or stand up for our country or ourselves?

Will the United States become a nation of sheep? Will those who refuse to be brave and be rational be cowed by tgise who want paternal figures to tell them how to act and what to think?

Here in Boston we had a strong hint of this after the Marathon bombings. The commonwealth and several cities ordered us to shelter-in-place. That is stay inside, hide, give up your liberties, do as you are told. That's not it.