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Massachusetts progressives working, writing, blogging and speaking for social and political change.

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Hillary Clinton got ir right. Let's join her and keep it up...for the rest of our lives. Many Donald Trump supporters prove themselves in word and action to be hkate mongers. They need to be called out now and regularly. That may eventually get... more

Independents and self-described Conservatives are pissed. Number one is Congress does nothing. That's hard to argue with but easy to fix. Let's consider for a moment the odious Donald Trump's "What do you have to lose?" That's... more

Tansportation for Massachusetts (T4MA) wants real equityin pubilc transit. Interim Director Joshua Ostroff will talk about what's fair and how to get there. Gone are the cavalier acceptance of the blue collar and poor sucking it up while the... more

Some other states allow recreational pot.. (Clutch pearls.) Oh, no, not here, not yet, in Massachusetts. Medical marijuana barely pased and is glacially implementing. A November ballot initiateive would expand that to growing and... more

No one in this house or family leans or even looks to Trump. We've had fascinating meals and drinks based on Bernie vs. Hillary. Some hve been uncomfortable, as one of us is solid for Clinton, when at one point the other 7 at... more

The magic of Prez Obama's first campaign had enchantment of first-time voters via social media. He learned how from MA Gov. Deval Patrick. That was a one-off. Yet we heard resonance in aged, white cotton-candy haired Bernie... more

The new Nate Silver figures conclude voters trust Clinton vastly more in almost all areas. Yet, he has maybe a 1-in-3 shot at victory. What gives? We know historically maybe 40% to 49% of voters will go with a Prez candidate in a... more

It's pretty much a name-your-city thing for unarmed civilians killed by cops. In a few places, like the most recent Dallas sniper murders of five police officers, it's the opposite. Whether it was the 20 elementary kids or hundres of young... more

Democratic nominee for sure Hillary Clinton got the no-surprise ruling from the FBI this AM. After a year of their investigation...on top of over two years strum und drang courtesy of the Benghazi hearing torment, the feds won't recommend any... more