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Join Jewels as she talks about the science that proves that there is life after death. Physicist Konstantin Korotkov of Russia shows this by a special camera. Also Dr. Eban Alexandra, Harvard trained Neurosurgeon had his own personal... more

Have you ever compared yourself to another person? Perhaps you quietly compared their career with your career, or maybe you may have compared their material possessions with your material possessions. Well, comparison robs us... more

I share my coming out story, not as a channel, but as a gay man. We also hear the Stream’s commentary on human sexuality, homosexuality and coming out. To Join our free Facebook group, Law of Attraction 2.0, click here... more

Paula Kidd Casey will share her journey of how she moved from being a Family Law Attorney for 39 years to studying the Universal Laws of the Universe. This is the story of how Paula became known as an expert in Quantum Physics... more

Are you a narcissist? Do you know one? Have you been the victim of one? Learn about my recent experience with narcissism and how I handled it, including my own! The Stream also shares their perspective on the topic. To join our free... more

Do you love your body? Have you ever thought, “If I could just FIX my wrinkles, I would be more confident?” Or maybe you are so disgusted because those last 5 lbs won’t budge, and you totally resent the way you look. Well, on... more

Is it possible to gain body confidence by knowing your body needs movement? Yes, as a matter of fact, it is the energy which to feel good. When you feel good, you can't help but feel confident. Listen to today's show and find ways that can... more

Body Confidence changes as we age. True or False? But HOW does Body Image change with age? How healthy is your Body Confidence, and are you normal in your confidence level? Listen and learn at ‘Body Confidence-LOA Style. Join... more

How you create your reality is based on your perspective. The higher perspective is always based in love. However, we often see things from a limited perspective based in fear. In fear we act on urges to change the conditions and this is never... more

This week in "Being Peace," Buddhist monk, Thich Nhat Hanh, shares the relationship between meditation and our daily lives. If our hectic world is why we seek to meditate, to achieve peace within, is it truly possible to separate oneself... more