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Join the attorneys at Lavelle Law, Ltd. as they discuss legal concepts and issues affecting individuals and small businesses. Submit your legal questions to podcast@lavellelaw.com! We will answer your questions in future podcasts.

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In this podcast, attorney Jackie Luthringshausen will explain the purpose, structure, and advantages of establishing a Pet Trust for your beloved pet.

There are several steps a subcontractor must take to perfect a mechanics lien and make it valid and enforceable. Find out what those steps are in this informative podcast with attorney Lance Ziebell.

In an attempt to increase government collection of taxes, the IRS has contracted with 4 Private Collection Agencies to have them assist in collection against taxpayers. In this podcast, attorney Tim Hughes will explain how this affects... more

As our lives become increasingly digital, it is important that our estate plans protect our digital assets. In this edition of Chicago's Legal Latte, we are joined by Attorney Christopher Mackey who discusses how to ensure that your digital... more

Asylum may be an appropriate form of protection under immigration laws for foreign nationals who are already in the United States and who have been or fear persecution on account of race, religion, nationality, and/or membership in a... more

In today's business world, it is becoming more challenging than ever to differentiate one business from another. Investing in a trademark is a good way stand out. In this podcast, attorney Ted McGinn explains the process and the... more

No one likes a bully, especially in business. Learn the tricks that business bullies use to get their way, and how to hold your ground. In this podcast, experienced business attorney James Voigt shares his methods for remaining professional... more

It is no secret that litigation can be expensive. In the United States, the traditional rule is that the parties to a lawsuit are responsible for paying their own attorney's fees. If you want to file suit against someone for money damages, the last thing... more

When selling your home, you may be left with many questions. From accepting an offer, responding to home inspection issues, and scheduling the closing, a real estate attorney will be able to walk you through the entire process. In... more
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