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Who Was The Greatest Fighter Pound For Pound Who Ever Lived?

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Lance Scurv

Lance Scurv


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Ever since man took his first step on the planet Earth, their have been wars, battles and individual disputes.

Having a difference of viewpoints has fueled these altercations as far back as recorded history can remember.

To see two individuals go to battle bedazzles most who witness the dispute and at some point someone figured out that this was something that could be exploited to manifest a great profitfrom because it seems as though everyone loves a great fight.

Thus, the art of Prizefighting was born.

Professional Fighting from in its infancy captivated audiences because of the audacity of each opponent to believe in themselves and their ability to defend themselves in ways that most common men were insecure and impotent to execute.

This is will continue on until someone is knocked out, quits or is decided by a panel of judges to be the winner because of the superior skills exhibited in full view of everyone in attendance.

Our goal tonight is to answer the age old question as to who is the one fighter who should be considered the greatest of all time when weighing out these unseen factors of their proven record, level of opponents, tough fights where they proved their testicular fortitude as well as what they had to deal with in life in general.

Many will proclaim that the fighters of yesteryear where the true modern gladiators of the sport while others will swear that the modern day fighter is bigger and stronger and will easily defeat those then glorious pioneers in a sport that has evolved from its basic barbaric period.

So the lines will be open for ALL to contribute to an open moderated discussion that is sure to get very intense indeed just in the same manner that our beloved classic matches have in the past.