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Do Money Management Misunderstandings Cause Marriage Mayhem?

  • Broadcast in Relationships
Lance Scurv

Lance Scurv


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The major cause of strife in a relationship whether two are married or living together sharing the responsibility of maintaining a roof over their heads together, has been proven to be the misunderstanding in all things financial.

It's a very touchy subject indeed when you really think about it.

We seem to be so open and enthusiastic when first getting together with someone on the sexual level, but we don't seem to be so keen on delving not only into the reality of our feelings toward money and our individual earning power even though it may be even more important than the bliss of our next orgasm.

We need to ask some very pertinent questions before singing on the dotted line for that marriage license, mortgage or apartment lease:

What are our credit scores?

What debts do we have individually?

How responsible have we been in the past with paying our bills on time?

Do we have a weakness in not being able to control ourselves with a store full of great sales around us at the mall and a pocket full of credit cards?

Do we lose sight of our financial expectations when our feelings get the best of us when life hits us hard to tempt us to go on a shopping spree to ease the pain?

The questions can go on forever just like the sob stories of divorces and breakups all because of our living in denial on the issue of money.

I find it so funny that we can open up ourselves with a person sexually and freely share our fluids and orifices yet not know anything about the basic ideals that they have on the single most important and overriding factor in living a secure and satisfying life with someone.

Let us share our wisdom, mishaps and horror stories to motivate all involved to think before getting entangled in somebody elses mess!