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Can America Ever Return To Its Former Glory?

  • Broadcast in Current Events
Lance Scurv

Lance Scurv


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This I'm sure is a show topic question that will evoke numerous responses for sure!

While many citizens of the United States of America will probably say that the days of U.S.'s former so called glory did nothing for them in the manner it did if you were a filthy rich investment banker who manipulated the retirement funds of those hard working middle class blue collar workers who gave their lives to you in trust to only find themselves with nothing to sit back on in their golden years, or a crooked politician who manipulated laws to favor the affluent business owners to receive kickbacks under the table.

They definitely have a point if they feel this way but the one thing that most will agree on is that this current version of the United States of America is NOT what it once was as it seems to be plummeting down into a bottomless abyss at the speed of light.

We all feel that we know what the causes are and most are not wrong in their assessments. The job market in the private sector and government level is simply horrible. Layoffs are not that rare occurrence that may happen briefly for a time for the few, but it's almost guaranteed in the minds of the masses as most people feel that it's a matter of WHEN it will happen as the fear of not having a job is what many wake up to everyday as they go to work fearful if the paycheck they receive this week might be their last.

So why America's former glory may not have been the most wonderful time for many of us, the few crumbs that we USED to have now are not even there anymore and that deficient past that we thought had so much to be desired now appears to be a Utopian dream that we wish could back even for a little while.

Who is truly to blame for this and do we have to bear some of the responsibility for not heeding the signs and adjusting our lifestyles accordingly for what we now see in hindsight as being the inevitable?