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Police In Urban Amerikkka: To Serve & Protect Who?

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Lance Scurv

Lance Scurv


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If you were to ask the people who live in the inner cities of America about how they feel about the overall performance of their respective police departments, what response do you think they would give?

What has the history of the police department been to the Black and minority communities here in the United States and is there a concrete reason for the distrust and fear that their presence stirs?

Is there still some kind of alliance between the police department and the white supremacist secret societies that have been well documented throughout our history to do the oppressive bidding of the so called majority over the minority population?

Why do many of us after knowing the tainted landscape of perverted justice here in America through our daily face to face dealings with law enforcement seem to do the very things to get ourselves in trouble and then cry that the White man is holding us back?

If the training and support of being a police officer is amongst the best in the world here in the United States then why is there such a high level of domestic violence, depression, alcohol and substance abuse, suicide and infidelities across the board with these very same officers who we are told to trust our lives with?

As you can see, there are many unanswered questions that WE the people have about those who are commissioned to maintain law and order in our world yet it seems as though the simple act of answering those questions has been a very difficult task indeed!

Tonight we will not hold back on what is in our hearts to discussed and invite ALL law enforcement to chime in with their opinions and viewpoints in an uncensored manner that will help to bring our listeners to an understanding that has been terribly elusive to us in the light of the slight that weve had to endure.

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