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Voodoo,Occult & Witchcraft: Christianity's Hamburger Helper?

  • Broadcast in Religion
Lance Scurv

Lance Scurv


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For those of you who don't know what Hamburger Helper is, it is an additive that many use when making hamburgers to add flavor and stretch the amount of meat that is available.

Some swear by it and others just don't see the point of its use.

This is the reason why I used the name of the product in the title of this week's show, because many individuals who are proclaiming their love of God in public and respect for His omnipotent presence and mighty power are dipping and dabbing in the occult practices as like their indulgence will strengthen God's power in their life as though it actually needs help in the first place!

What this tells me is that these individuals do not truly believe in what they proclaim God to be or that they are not exactly as diligent in seeking God's face as they think.

Are they merely going through the outward motions of Christianity as a cover for their indulgence in Witchcraft and if they are why the secrecy if they really believe what they practice is right?

This program was not created to condemn any belief system that anyone may have, but to bring clarity to what many do behind closed doors secretly with a passion not seen in most religions.

So what is it about witchcraft, the occult and practices that many Christians would caution against tinkering with but whose warnings usually fall on deaf ears on some of their same congregation members who jump and shout just as hard as the next spirit filled believer?

Is their practice against any Biblical laws?

Is there some power in it and if it is then by what spiritual authority does it operate under?

Is there a price to be paid for Christians utilizing the spells and incantations that are so brazenly advertised online and in the back pages of some of our more popular periodicals and magazines?