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Have We Forsaken Our Sisters?

  • Broadcast in Lifestyle
Lance Scurv

Lance Scurv


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For all of the progress made by the human race there is so much ground to cover when it comes to he we relate to one another between the sexes. We put a man on the moon a lifetime ago and can fly anywhere on the planet. We now have advances in the medical field that were seemingly impossible to perceive at the turn of the millenium and possess smartphones that make Dick Tracey's wristwatch television appear inept.

Yet, with all of the technological advances and previous high marks in all recorded achievements smashed we have yet to improve our understanding on mass of the opposite sex on those deeper levels.

Sure, we seem to always get along in that early infatuation phase & have absolutely no problem when it comes to enjoying the pleasures that come from the union of our physical bodies, but when it comes to the psycho/emotional differences between us once the effect of those early phases have passed, we can count on those roadblocks in understanding to always give us that bumpy ride that we have all to often accepted as an inevitable part of our connection to the opposite sex.

This happens in all races, cultures and lifestyles and while those slight differences in the specifics will always be there, it is for the most part all the same.

From what I have observed and maybe I am wrong, but we as Black-American men more often seem to give up on seeking that deeper connection with our divine mate & have either given up on the dream of a happy relationship completely or only indulge in those sweet early parts of the connection & disappear once the signs of true intimacy or the beginnings of erosion begin to take place once the going gets rough. When comparing us to different cultures and races across the globe, we are sadly lacking in our determination to stay with our Sisters and support them even when they are not involved with us on a sexual level or as a potential romantic mate.