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The LanceScurv Old School Health Fitness & Wellness Forum

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Lance Scurv

Lance Scurv


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Here at LanceScurv we are going to delve into a new lane that I feel will benefit us all as we fellowship to improve our lives right from where we are.

Health, Fitness & Wellness - It's an area that many are perplexed in because of the tsunami of so called "experts" who claim to be correct in their advice that conflicts with the next "expert."

What a shame, because it doesn't have to be that way, but it will only continue in this non productive downward spiral of ignorance because I feel that we have gotten away from the old school way of sharing and caring for each other with the tried and proven recipes and remedies that were good enough to keep our fore-bearers in the best of health until their golden years.

So our goal here is to get back to a healthy dialogue about our well being and lifestyle improvement from a grassroots perspective in a manner that is based in common sense, proven facts and not the useless fluff that comes from someone who has a gimmick hidden behind smoke and mirrors to sell you in the name of your personal self improvement.

Do know that our program here is for everyone and will always acknowledge the usually unseen connection between the physical, spiritual, emotional and mental, because our physical selves will certainly be thrown out of balance if we are not mentally and emotionally in "synch" with the spiritual aspects of our earthly walk.

As an addendum and footnote, let it be known that I feel that our spiritual beings are all interconnected divinely and are above the reach of the man made religions and welcome all faiths to chime in on their methods of improvement of the total man and woman.

Join in with us and share in the uplifting atmosphere that will put those fraudulent fitness gurus who only want your money OUT OF BUSINESS!