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Those Step Children From Hell: A Relationship Dealbreaker?

  • Broadcast in Romance
Lance Scurv

Lance Scurv


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Tonight we are going to speak about those step children who are usually of middle school to high school age, feel as though they are already grown up and have an agenda to reject that new step father at all costs no matter how good of a man he is! We are going in surgically on these types who are hellbent on running their Mother’s new man away for good without giving peace a try and embracing drama with every breath that they take!


There are many teenagers like this and they can appear just as normal and engaging in order to fool their Mother into thinking that it is her new mate that has an issue with them! This scenario is even MORE compounded when you have more than one child and becomes even more difficult for the man to stay if they work together as a team to bring him misery.

We will speak about the tactics of these hell-raisers and we will speak on how to neutralize their aggressions to the point of being nonexistent forevermore! (Yes, there ARE ways of dealing with them but you first must understand that this battle can rage on for years and sometimes will only cease when those same children have moved out of the house!

We will discuss what must be done to maintain a strong loving relationship in the midst of the internal attacks and deceptions as well as the roles that each adult must play and what tasks the Mother has to complete in order to bring peace back into the household.

Hopefully we can gain precious insight by our shared wisdom and help keep a romance alive because everyone deserves to be loved and no one, not even your children has the right to deny you that basic God given right! Be warned everyone, we are going to go in on this topic DEEP! It might be so deep that we may have to go into extra hours on an after-show if the ebb and flow of energy call for it! You KNOW I will! DON’T MISS THIS SHOW FOR THE WORLD!