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Is It Okay To Have Friends Of The Opposite Sex When Married?

  • Broadcast in Romance
Lance Scurv

Lance Scurv


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Some say it’s risky business. Others say that you have nothing to worry about if you are secure in your marriage or relationship.

Still others will ask that why would their mate need to spend time with a member of the opposite sex when they have THEM to spend time with as the significant other?

Is this type of connection between a married/attached individual and a member of the opposite sex even appropriate?Well on Friday the 13th 2012 we will delve into this topic which has been an issue with blurred lines depending on who you ask!

One couple will have absolutely no problem with their mate hanging out with a member of the opposite sex while to others it is a taboo issue and a straight violation in any form!

We have to question ourselves as a society and ask have we lost that sense of decency and standards that have always been that built in hedge of protection in our marriages or have we become the source of our on romantic doom by being just too permissive in what we allow to be acceptable in our private lives in the form of time spent with someone of the opposite sex that is not our mate?

Granted, we are not speaking of your significant others brother or sister depending on what sex they may be. And we are not talking about that unplanned unexpected emergency where a friend of the opposite sex happens to be nearby when a mishap transpires and their help was appreciated when no one else was around. NO! These are not the scenarios that we are not speaking on in this episode!

What we are seeking to clarify are those friendships where you mate seems to desire time around someone to whom their role is downplayed when the subject of maybe them being a bit too close comes up.