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What Are The Things That Can End A Lifelong Friendship?

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Lance Scurv

Lance Scurv


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In this life unions are formed in the most unexpected of ways, some connections are brief, shooting through your life like a shooting star, soon to be forgotten just as quickly as it appeared. Others will come into your life unannounced with no pressure to commit to anything more than for the moment yet have a presence in your life lasting longer than most romantic relationships.

These are the things that friendships are made of, those mysterious ingredients that hold the secret to the lifetime connections that are so desirable and so elusive even in most marriages.

Think about it, our friends are like the stitching that holds together your favorite outfit, no matter where you look on that garment, the stitching is there.

Most close friendships usually outlast marriages, relationships and even family connections!


Our closest friends can repeat back to us the many important milestones in our lives and reminisce on the most intimate and hidden details of that very same life good and bad!

We will sometimes share information with a close friend before we will even begin to think of doing the same thing with the one to whom we've committed our life to. And while it really shouldn't be that way, it is a reality that for many people is the norm.

What real or perceived dirty deed could destroy such a wonderful joining?

So I do believe that the questions that I raise are valid as we seek to find the answers to a phenomenon that has been with us since the beginning of time yet continues to bedazzle us into senselessness when it does.

Lifelong Friendships - What Are The Things That Can End Them?

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