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Do Some Women Give Their Man No Other Choice But To Cheat?

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Lance Scurv

Lance Scurv


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Hook ups.

Friends with benefits.

Booty calls.

Jump offs.

Side piece.

Secret lover.

Whatever you call it, the phenomenon of professing to being in a committed relationship yet secretly living a secret double life by having another person to whom you have broken your commitment or vows to seems to be the norm and not the exception these days.

The sad part is, is that it is almost expected and somewhat accepted!

Well, let me correct this, it's generally accepted as long as the person getting hoodwinked isn't the one who accepts it in another persons situation. It's no problem when it is the next woman getting cheated on, it's almost a joke or a great beauty salon story to share in order to pass the time quickly up under the hot dryer.

But when that victim of the infidelity is YOU, then it is a whole different ballgame and it would be appropriate to shout out the infamous words of the big fight announcer Michael Buffer, you know my favorite on our talk show.......LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLEEEEEEEEEE!

We do have some women who no matter what you do good as a man, they will inflict upon your soul a loneliness that cannot be explained that pales in comparison to a prison inmate dealing with the stresses of solitary confinement.

They seem to take a twisted pleasure in denying you the most basic of affections and even when you have accepted that the physical festivities will not ever transpire between the both of you, you are further broken down and emasculated as man on an emotional level as though you are dealing with a vampire who wants nothing more than to drain you of every ounce of blood that you will ever produce and will not leave you until you are no good for anyone else.

So answer me this people: What's a man to do?