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Bible study, end time current events, exposing false doctrines, and warning all to prepare spiritually. Host: Brian Moonan (Turn from your idols.)

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Join Brian Moonan for an in-depth Bible study about hell. What did Jesus Christ teach about hell? What does the Bible teach? When we compare scripture with scripture, can we form a solid doctrine about hell? As always, the truth is in... more

1 Corinthians 3:16 tells us that as Christians we are the temple of God. The chosen temple of God is to be sanctified, and the chosen (saved) people of God are ordained to repent and depart from iniquity. This message is an... more

Norman Vincent Peale was the Trump family's pastor for many years, and Trump touts him as a great hero of the Christian faith. But N.V. Peale was a 33rd degree Mason, and Grand Sovereign Commander of Scottish Rite Freemasonry in NY... more

Proverbs 14:1 The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. Stephen Hawking has passed away, and is being honored and venerated as a brilliant scientist. Is it true that a man who denies God and His word was brilliant, or was he a fool?... more

We all have trials and go through seasons of painful experiences in this life, sometimes even as a result of being hated for our faith. We need to rely on Jesus and allow Him to be our focus and our example. In times of blessing or through... more

The Holy Bible is clear, all who take the mark of the beast will burn in hell for eternity. Why does John MacArthur teach the opposite? Does the popular pre-trib rapture teaching line up with what Jesus Christ taught, and what early Christians... more

Billy Graham has passed away, and many people think of him as having preached a "strong Evangelical Christian" message through the years. Is that the truth about him? What did he teach about hell? Why did Billy Graham promote a... more

Have you heard the term "once saved always saved" online? What does the Bible teach about the eternal security of the truly born again believer? Many online teachers point out that the saved will/must endure, and overcome until the end.... more

This life is short, and the time, the dash between the dates of birth and death, passes by so quickly. What will you do with that time? God already knows when each person will die, and we do not. The Bible speaks often of sudden judgment... more

Brian delves into the official documents of the Catholic Church, which have been passed along to him by former Catholic priest, now born again believer in Christ, Richard Bennett. Like a detective, he compares their doctrines to the word of... more