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Bible study, end time current events, exposing false doctrines, and warning all to prepare spiritually. Host: Brian Moonan (Turn from your idols.)

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Brian Moonan is issueing an Emergency Truthdealer Challenge- hand out at least one gospel tract every day for the next year. The Devil would love it if you DON'T, because he knows that time is short, and Almighty God is working on men and... more

God is very clear in His word the Holy Bible to define pride as sin, always. It is the sin that cause Lucifer to fall and become Satan. This is a Bible study to warn the body of Christ not to be partakers in "American pride" or any form pride at all.... more

All Christians should agree that we are not to use profane language and/or cursing. We are also not to curse the name of The Lord, or take His name in vain. Have we ever done that without realizing it? "A minced oath is a euphemistic... more

One of the earliest creeds, or confessions of faith, of Christians was Jesus is Lord (1 Corinthians 12:3.) Learn from the Bible about how God can protect His children, and how we as believers in Jesus Christ are sealed unto the day of... more

What is an ambassador? As ambassadors we are commanded by our King Jesus Christ The Lord to go onto all the world and preach, and teach the gospel. The world does not usually ASK to be confronted with the bold truth of the... more

A charismatic teacher named Malcolm Smith, and others like him, teach that there is "no power in the blood" of Christ. The host of Truthdealer Radio, Brian Moonan, goes to the Bible to prove that is a lie. There IS power in the blood of Jesus, the... more

Yes, God kills people! In the current climate of the "politically correct" media dictatorship we are all living under, one can never hurt feelings or trample another person's "percieved identity." It is no surprise that false teachers have "self... more

A fundamental and foundational Bible doctine is that God is a Triune Divine Being who exixts as The Father, The Son (The Lord Jesus Christ) and The Holy Spirit. This doctrine is found throughout the Holy scriptures. Heretic Bryan... more

Are you verbally declaring Jesus Christ to the lost? It is our good and reasonable service. We are told to declare, to speak, to confess, to testify og Him and His salvation. This is a message to exhort and encourage believers to be bold and... more

No matter what storms we are going through, God has provided us with armour, and strength in His gracr. We are called to be strong, and do the work that He has chosen for us. An encouraging Bible study, also reminding about God's ability to... more