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Bible study, end time current events, exposing false doctrines, and warning all to prepare spiritually. Host: Brian Moonan (Turn from your idols.)

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In trials and difficulties, there can be so much happening in the storms of life that we just feel weary and too tired to press on? GOd has given us hope in His word, and He tells us not to fear, but to be strong and of a good courage,... more

There is so much happening in the National news, possible indictments of the "rich and powerful" famous "elites" and Politicians who never seem to get caught, no matter how much evidence piles up. As Christians, we should remind... more

A man of God Elisha once asked God to open the eyes of his servant, and God did! He allowed the servant's faith to increase by showing him that God's heavenly host were all around them, ready to serve God's cause. Even though there was... more

A message to anyone who listens regularly. Monthly hosting costs have gone up. Just a quick update and prayer request about what we are trusting The Lord to provide. http://www.truthdealer-radio.com/support-this-program/

Susan Grotte was beaten by false teacher Ron Williams at Hephzibah House for being "disobedient" when her hair was not curled enough. Forced labor, restricted diet, restricted bathroom use, verbal and spiritual torture. The... more

Sadistic "Baptist" cult leader Ron Williams and his sick son Don WIlliams have made a career out of abusing girls, twisting the Bible, and using advanced mind control techniques in order to create brainwashed spiritual slaves at the devilish... more

There is a stark contrast found in God's word between the lost, who will perish, and those who believe and are saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ, and have eternal life. When God saves us, He creates a new heart in us. This Bible... more

NY State passed the "Reproductive Health Act" which redefines babies as non-persons. What history is repeating itself in hospitals? What does the Bible say about Life, and Who creates us? Does God forgive the sin of abortion? Why did... more

With all of the "fake news" being talked about, what is real and what is fake, according to the Bible? Should Christians investigate alternative news sources, dig for the truth, and warn others? There is a lot in current events... more

Jesus Christ is greater than the temple, church, or any religious system of works. His sacrifice is final and effectual to forgive sins and give eternal life. He is greater than the prophets. He is the final Truth, the messiah who gives eternal life. This... more