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Isshinryu Today with Forrest and Vena Kata Bunkai part 2

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Isshinryu Today

Isshinryu Today


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Good Evening and Welcome to Isshinryu Today. Tonight's Host Renshi Kyle Forrest, along with his Co-Host and Sempai Sensei Chris Forrest will be talking about the Isshinryu Kata Bunkai, Part 2.  Please join us in our discussion about our empty hand kata bunkai. Isshinryu has eight empty hand kata's and the are Seisan, Seiunchin, Naihanchi, Wansu, Chinto, Kusanku, Sunsu and Sanchin. The Kobudo kata's of Isshinryu are Tokumine no Kun, Shi Shi no Kun, Urashi no Kun, Kusanku Sai no Kun, Chatan Yara no Kun, Kyan no Kun, Hama Higa no Tuifa. We also have Bo Bo Kumite, Bo Sai Kumite and other drills for us to practice. In our practice we study the waza, breathing, stance transition, speed balance and focus. These elements and concepts are applied to all waza and will enhance your performance and understanding.

This show airs live every Sunday night at 6 PM EST. 

Executive Producer : Kancho Daniel J. Vena, Inheritor of Ed McGrath's School of Isshinryu and Founder of the IIAOKA