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PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT ON EVERY LEVEL: Breathing, Relaxation, Cozmophyzix, Astro Harmony & Relationships, Life, Tai Chi, Meditation, Wellness, Moon Magic, Gender Roles. IT'S TIME TO START WORKING YOUR SUCCESS MUSCLE! That's why you're here, to get some Honest help in the form of S.I.M.P.L.E. solutions and to start letting Success and Abundance fill your life up with things that before you hadn't even considered. It's time to have these things. THE TIME "IS" RIGHT NOW! You're going to be provided with some Honest Answers that are going to help change your life by changing your awareness of "Healthy Living and Healthy Habits." The days of the old paradigm are over. Am I the Best at what I do? Good question. I think & feel I am, even while I'm still learning more & more every day. But if I'm not the best, I am one of the best and I am very good at what I do; and what I do has helped hundreds, if not thousands, of people over the years. I'm here to listen to you and then be honest with you, share with you some things I'm learned in life. I WILL NOT LIE TO YOU! I WILL BE CLEAR AND SINCERE WITH YOU! Then you'll get some help clearing some old clutter, some things that have been holding you back from what you want and where you want to be. Then the PAY OFF! THE PLAN! HAVING, SEEING & IMPLEMENTING a Plan is the Pay Off. Then you start to turn your life around and allow yourself to be more HEALTHY (mind, body & spirit) - PRODUCTIVE - SUCCESSFUL - ABUNDANT and PROSPEROUS in EVERYTHING you do, EVERY place you go and EVERY one's life that you come in contact with. You ready? Good. Then Let's Get Started. Coach Khayr

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"The Boy must die in order for the Man to rise and walk and create." These are the words of my special guest Coach Duwayne Langham, founder of the MODERN MAN RITES OF PASSAGE program and we're about to have a... more

Who is Emperor Khufu, What is The Untold Story of the Washitaw and What Is CMYE? Can you have your own state and venue? These are just a few of the questions that will be answered tonight when my special guest... more

Transdimensional Travel & The Search For The Magick Crystal w/ Guest Kilindi Iyi (Episode 11) & (917) 889-3803 is the call in number. Inquiring minds want to know and tonight International Scholar and Master Teacher Kilindi Iyi of the... more

Life After Death: Becoming An Ancestor w/ Guest Kilindi Iyi (Episode 10) & (917) 889-3803 is the call in number. Honoring your Ancestors. Cool. We got that. But what about "BECOMING AN ANCESTOR?" What are you doing RIGHT NOW,... more

Alita, Artificial Intelligence & Organic Singularity. What's the Science? w/ Guest Kilindi Iyi (Episode 9) & (917) 889-3803 is the call in number. WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGNECE? Did you see Alita: Battle Angel?... more

Infinity Wars, Star Trek & Hollywood: Fact or Fiction? w/ Guest Kilindi Iyi (Episode 7) & (917) 889-3803 is the call in number. HOLLYWOOD, HOLLYWOOD, HOLLYWOOD . . . . WHAT YA'LL GOT GOING ON??? Are ya'll making up... more

Did Gods Arrive On a Comet? The Younger Dryas story w/ Guest Kilindi Iyi (Episode 7) & (917) 889-3803 is the call in number. There is no doubt that the present day living conditions of the world are deeply rooted in history. There also... more

SEX, RELATIONSHIPS, TANTRA & THE IMPORTANCE OF SPIRITUAL HOUSES w/ Guest Kilindi Iyi (Episode 6) & (917) 889-3803 is the call in number. There's an actual program that's been inserted into the Matrix that has got our... more

THE SECRETS OF THE METU NETER & THE MAGIC MUSHROOM w/ Guest Kilindi Iyi (part 5) & (917) 889-3803 is the call in number. We've read about the mysteries but what "STEPPING INTO THE MYSTERIES?" Are the heiroglyphs... more
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