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Islamic Issues and sharia law

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For over twenty years, fear has already devoured important pieces of Western culture and journalism. They all disappeared in a ghastly act of self-censorship: the cartoons of a Danish newspaper, a "South Park" episode, paintings in... more

I truly cannot decide which angered me more this week: Justin Trudeau (CAN) or Fiyaz Mughal (UK). One is embarrassing his country and the other is ripping his off. RFB relates an exclusive from Joshua of Fahrenheit 211 to discuss... more

Why do I feel such seething waves of negative emotions when it comes to Islam? Oh.. wait... Because Islam despises me? Love my Bel. Happy Thanksgiving, America. And meet Morocco the Mole! Welcome to the Red Fox Blogger with... more

The President of the Irish National Party has called for a temporary ban on Muslims coming into Ireland. "Have you played ‘Pakemon' yet? Catch and deport them all.." Decorum in Canadian Parliament. Tommy Robinson targeted... more

Geert Wilders is an anti-Islam politician, who is up again on false charges, accused of inciting racial hatred over his comments about Moroccans living in the Netherlands; the Dutch anti-Islam MP is once again being pursued (HOUNDED)... more

What another helluva week! Nigel Farage is a racist, Sadiq Khan goes Global-ballistic ... and... my washing machine is a Union Worker. Remembering the prolific Leonard Cohen and the Weekly Oz Report from Mike... more

America has spoken ~ congratulations on voting in Donald J. Trump. A Tribute to Remembrance/Veteran's Day. A message from Sultan Knish. Islam won't STFU, the whiners: Canada is in trouble. Welcome to the Red Fox Blogger with your... more

Welcome to our Election Party as we discuss, dissect, and deconstuct one of the most important Elections in recent history, not only for the United States, but Globally. We have an International Panel consisting of Dave Milner of UBG... more

Simple Definition of reckoning: The act of calculating the amount of something, the time when your actions are judged as good or bad and you are rewarded or punished, the act of judging something. Islam has its own definition, and Tim... more

In September, the Danish High Court upheld the District Court's decision to fine the Danish writer, Lars Hedegaard, 10,000 Danish kroner (USD $1500) for publishing the name of a terrorist, "BH," who attempted to murder Hedegaard in... more