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Keep It Magic


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Can 5 MILLION downloads be wrong? Keep It Magic is the hottest metaphysically based magic show on the internet! Join Jacki Smith and Storm Cestavani every other week to discuss he hottest topics that matter to you with a metaphysical and magical spin. What are the astrological influences of the week? How do we use magic to transform our lives and get everything that we truly want? What does the mystical Kabbalah have to say about the weeks energies? Nothing is too personal, and nothing is too hot for Jacki and Storm to handle.

On-Demand Episodes

Are you frustrating with "things" getting in the way of your getting the results you desire and do "they" continually prevent you from living the life you want to live? If so, you are not alone! The biggest block that prevents your inner magic from... more

Have you ever been at a crossroads in your life and unsure of what road to take? Do you know what direction you want to take, but are afraid to travel down an unfamiliar road? Or, do you believe you do not deserve the future you envision?... more

Are you having problems getting what you want out of life regardless of how hard you try? The problem(s) may not be what you think they are, they may actually be your limiting beliefs. In this episode of Keep It Magic, Jacki Smith and Storm... more

If you have experienced trauma and dysfunction in your past, then you know how difficult it is to move beyond the pain and hurt you have experienced. In fact, the ghosts of the past could still be haunting your life and preventing your inner... more

Are you living in the moment or are you still living in the past and anxious about the future? In this episode of Keep It Magic, Jacki Smith and Storm Cestavani discuss the importance of the "NOW" and how living your life for today can be... more

Are you a slave to the past? Are your prior experiences preventing you from achieving what you desire? In this episode of "Keep It Magic," Jacki Smith and Storm Cestavani teach you why the past is so hard to overcome and how... more

Are you curious about what 2015 is going to bring? Will our financial institutions crumble? Will our economy improve? What about unemployment? Perhaps, more importantly, what can you do about it? In this episode of Keep It Magic, Jacki... more

Astrology is one of the oldest arcane sciences, yet despite its popularity, it remains a mystery to those who do not understand its language. However, as the internet has advanced, astrological language has been simplified (or at least... more

In our last episode of Keep it Magic, we explored dreams from the imagined potential perspective. In this episode, we explore dreams that happen while we sleep. According to dream experts, we all dream -- whether we want to believe... more

Everyone has dreams and aspirations -- they are fundamental for living a prosperous life. We all strive to improve ourselves and attempt to strategize a future we would like to live. However, sometimes what we feel that we want... more