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Can 5 MILLION downloads be wrong? Keep It Magic is the hottest metaphysically based magic show on the internet! Join Jacki Smith and Storm Cestavani every other week to discuss he hottest topics that matter to you with a metaphysical and magical spin. What are the astrological influences of the week? How do we use magic to transform our lives and get everything that we truly want? What does the mystical Kabbalah have to say about the weeks energies? Nothing is too personal, and nothing is too hot for Jacki and Storm to handle.

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TheAccording to our good friend Webster, the definition of power is the capacity or ability to direct or influence the behavior of others or the course of an event, and this ideal has been captured and harnessed successfully in Devin Hunter's... more

In this episode of Keep It Magic, Jacki Smith and Storm Cestavani take it back old school and discuss 'hotfoot' magic, which is tradtionally used to drive away unwanted people from our lives. Find out the roots of this traditional spell used... more

Last month, Jacki Smith and Storm Cestavani covered Beyonce's new release of her video album, Lemonade. We explored its connection to magic, hoodoo, voodoo, and other elements of African traditions. In this episode of Keep It... more

Do you feel stuck? Do you feel that your dreams or goals are not being accomplished? Are you tired of the continous cycle of frustration? This weekends astrological energies may provide you with the answers and the remedies that... more

Beyonce is a cultural phenomena. She has successful weaved modern day issues into her body of pop music. So, it is not surprising that her recent project, Lemonade, would be any different. However, what most people do not know is... more

In January, the world was shocked to find out that ironic trailblazer David Bowie had passed away. Social media lit up as legions of fans paid homage to a hero that changed the world. On the heels of the death of Bowie, the world received... more

Do you feel overwhelmed by the recent onslaught of political divisiveness? Are you a little afraid of what is going to happen in a country that appears to be more divided politically than ever before? Do you feel that the emotional tone people... more

Are you plagued by obsessions? If so, then you are not alone. Everyone at some point in theirlives become obsessed wtih something and it can sometimes be very creative. However, there are other times when obsession can lead to fixations... more

Do you find yourself often controlled by your fears? Are you limiting your life because of them? In this episode of Keep It Magic, Jacki Smith and Storm Cestavani explore the confusing world of fears from a kabbalistic and magical... more

In every culture and in most spirtual traditions exists the concept of evil eye -- the negative glances, thoughts, and intentions that are project on us daily. In this episode of Keep It Magic, Jacki Smith and Storm Cestavani discuss the in's and... more