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An Alternative Social Commentary

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The new Easter (Astar) goddess movie with Joaquin Phoenix and Mary Magdalene, three naked women get into a police chase and assault cops, crazy dude throws five year old child from third floor of a mall balcony, crazy lady and... more

The black hole picture that is not a picture, rather an algorithem of bits and bites, of ones and zeros, taken from multiple telescopes to appear like it is a picture. Lies and more lies. They constantly lie. Why? To take humans away from truth,... more

We continue to explore the ancient Jewish writings of 4 Ezra, comparing its contents with that of Jesus, the Apostle Paul, and John the Revelator. It is amazing how many exact content references are made in the New Testament... more

A Polish transgender American war hero comes into history, the British flag planted on the moon comes into history, blood contained Russian candy bars come into history, and a university offers a class for Enviromental Anxiety and... more

We continue in 4 Ezra reading chapters 1 and 2, and comparing the content with the book of Revelation and with the teachings of Jesus in the Gospel accounts. We learn about God's requirments for the "Overcomer."

Alternative narrative on current events with a social commentary that may be controversial to some.

We look at the ancient book of 4 Ezra and find a teaching about the narrow and dangerous path which leads to a beautiful city on top full of good things. If one inhereits this city, how do they get to it? They have to trravel that dangerous,... more

So many demoniacs out there hurting and killing children. It has become so over the top with demonic evil behavior that my head just exploded!

Ok, so the title is misleading, but we do have gene edited food that has secretly slipped into restaurants while we all slept, and genetically modified fish that our government has now approved for our consumption, and talking genderless AI... more
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