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Will the REAL Afrikan Centered people PLEASE STAND UP?!?!?

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By not knowing & properly embracing our history, our present is all JACKED UP. By have no or a skewed version of our past, which leads to a stagnant present, the future can ONLY be created by others for us.

While the above paragraph is completely wrong in practice, it is what is happening to the majority of the Sankofaman (Afrikan World Community).

There, have ALWAYS been pockets of people who have questioned the above position. With less material resources, they seemed to have created more than we are now, even in this alleged 'Information Age.' Garvey, the East Organization in New York of the 70's and others are a few examples.

We, here at Afrika's ReAscention, see the major difference, from then to now, is COMMITTMENT.  Those aforementioned pockets had more committment for sovereignty & total Afrikan Liberation than today's pockets of self-avowed 'conscious' Afrikans. While there were plenty conferences, lectures, symposiums, etc early on in stolen Afrikan history in amerikkka, there was a ton more BUILDING of the nation, than is presently going on (even though the TALKING hasn't stopped).

Tonight we hope to address some of these concerns & offer possible solutions.