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JW Fitness Solutions

Jeff White Fitness Solutions


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Mental, physical, and spiritual fitness are essential if you want to survive and prosper in today's society. On this show, our guests will share words of encouragement and tips that uplift the mind, body and spirit!

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In my soon to be released book The 3 Pillars of Strength: Increasing Your Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Fitness, one of the topics discussed is Fitness Trends. Practically every year, a "revolutionary" new exercise product, fitness... more

Having strength or "being strong" comes in many forms. When people think of being "fit" or having "strength," they may think of physical strength, but that's just one piece of the puzzle. A vital piece, but just one piece. To be the best person... more

LOOKING fit and BEING fit are 2 different things! Many people want to lose weight and have a nice body, but the methods they are going about to achieve this look could be detrimental to their health, yet they don't realize it! Tune in to... more

Energy bars, protein shakes, and vitamins are consumed every day by people who are trying to be healthy. But how do these products stack up against natural foods? Are they really as good for you as advertised? Tune in to the official... more

What is the one thing that ALL successful people have in common when first starting out? It's not money, fame, or support. It's not education, good looks or instant success. While all those listed are good, they aren't a guarantee of... more

We live in a society where many things we want are right at our fingertips. Thanks to microwave ovens, instant messaging, Skype, the internet, etc..we've become spoiled and expect EVERYTHING to be fast. This type of thinking has caused... more

Being fit is a way of life! It's not something you can do on a part time basis or every blue moon. If you want to be as fit as you can possibly be, this is something that you must make part of your daily life. Learn how to incorporate fitness into... more

We live in a society of WORRIERS, and many of us are this way because we live in a world that thrives on NEGATIVITY. Don't let what you see on television and in the media drive you to imagine worst case scenarios when it comes to... more

You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf. Do you worry about things you can't control? This type of activity can be detrimental to your health! Tune in to the dangers of this type of activity and ways to combat it. Knowledge is power!

Today's discussion is about our memories. How often do you think about past events? Do you find yourself thinking about "the good old days" more and and less time thinking about the future? "The past is a place of reference, not... more