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Living in Alignment with Julie

Public Broadcast

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The broadcast has ended. You can listen to the recording here:

Episode Notes

This is part 3 of the "Living from Within" series. Please listen to parts 1 and 2 first to ensure you have the correct context for this talk, as well as further information on the foundation from which we depart. 

Join Julie Cara Hoffenberg (, author of "Homeless to Happy in a Split Second", and EJ Seals-Jackson (, author of "Living from Within", for a re-framed discussion on the current racial tensions facing the world. While the continued focus has been on the tensions & inequalities themselves, we will be bringing the discussion to a new perspective. Our last two shows in this series focused on our personal power, the present moment, and our thoughts & feelings. Through the harnessing of our power to shift our perspectives and feelings, we can begin to tell a new story, thereby seeing the external realization of a new story. We can begin stepping into our oneness. We can begin a deliberate choosing of our thoughts and feelings, which then shifts what we see externally. Today's show asks us to go within and consider:  How can we begin to have peace if our focus continues to be the "proof" that peace does not exist? How can we begin to step into oneness if our focus continues to be on separation? How can we begin to empower ourselves when we continue to focus on all the ways in which people have lost their power? How can we begin to see the good in others when we focus on all the "wrong" they are doing? It's time for a new examination of the tension around us and way to begin shifting it. We can choose what we want for our future in each present moment. Join us as we re-remember our power. It is always there, we simply lose our awarenss of it.